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Joško Poljak Fan
06-06-2011, 02:06 PM
I know there are still at least 2 more games untill the end of the season and there isn't much known yet at this stage, unlike in some other seasons, about the Olimpija's roster for the next season, but I'll give it a shot, to reviwe this forum and Olimpija threads a bit :)

As far as I know (elaj, do correct me :) ) only Murič, Bertrans, Salin and Špan have contracts for the next season.
I'll try to be modest and within the reality, without Nesterovič's and alikes that aren't really likely to come back.
Coach issue is confusing to me, so I'll skip that...

PG: ... , Špan

Olimpija desperately has to let Špan go or his own sake. He looks as he might develope into a decent player on euroCup level once, but needs playing time accordingly. I'd even terminate his contract, for his own good, as I don't believe he'll develope in Olimpija and I wouldn't mind completely missing on this claim.
Olimpija can't afford Ilievski as much as he can earn, so I guess it's again up to his wife to decide :)

SG: ... , Salin

Salin has only 2 more years in his contract and I believe he should either be the beack up SG or let free to find a new club, replaced with some other talented SG.
Hopefully Ožbolt would stay, but after almost a decade in Olimpija he might want to try his luck elsewhere.
Udrih wasn't anything near my expectations, I know he can do better, especially within a system he'd adapt, but I'll be a bit dissapointed if he stays, let Salin get his minutes (or as I said earlier, be let free).
As far as Klobučar, most people will be surprised by this, but I want him to stay. He's a great guy, some part of that isn't really the most succesfull personality for a basketball player, let alone guard. All he needs is some confidence and a different mentality aproach. As soon as he gets those, he'll be a player above Olimpija's current level. He has the talent, plays D, creates with good courtvision when not scared. That "transformation" might not happen next season, or even the season after, but will definately happen once.

SF: Bertrans, Murič

Gregory reportedly is willing to stay under simmilar conditions, Bertrans and Murič should be given more playing time within the rotation (either SF or PF), from what I've seen so far I am not worried if they would.

PF: ... (none under the contract)

Jagodnik willing to stay if the club wants him, I believe the decision about that should be unanimous, no matter his age. As for Markota he seems to have lost some agressiveness through the last few years and even if he has all he needs to be a top5 forward in europe, he needs a different mentality for it. I'd keep him if I wouldn't believe Olimpija simply needs a different type of PF. Boisa is sadly just a bare shadow of his former self. I'd let both of them go and "risk" (apart from injuries it's barely a risk imo) with Murič&Bertrans taking a bigger role.

C. ... (none under the contract)

Well, Anagonye suffered from not playing, he seems as a player that needs that a lot, accordingly I don't think he'll be staying afte these performances.
Shermadini definately isn't ready for Panathinaikos level, nor he will be within half a year, due to his contract I am well aware Pao might call him back, but that won't do any good to his development as he wouldn't crack into their rotation. Staying in Olimpija depends on Panathinaikos.

within a possible reality I'd love to retain those players:
PG: Ilievski
SG: Ožbolt, Salin, Klobučar
SF: Gregory, Murič, Bertrans
PF: Jagodnik
C: Shermadini

The rest should imo depend on 2-3 straight out of college US players, that unlike previous seasons, won't be as desperate to make it to NBA to the very end of september, due to the lockout.

Vidmar, Nachbar, Lakovič, Nesterovič and alikes aren't really a likely option and neither are some big time reinforcements from NLB league as many would like to believe, those've all been scouted down.

On first sight such team would seem inferior to this season's one, but with some of these youngsters given a bit bigger role and perhaps not completely screwing up with US "preferably straight out of college" reinforcements, along with fairly full Stožice arena, that's enough for euroleague top16. For anything more than EL top16, quite some luck, or an extra million € is needed (still without a guarantee)

06-07-2011, 08:16 PM
I think your wishlist could fall a little short, as I'm hearintg Shermadini will head to Panathinaikos next season. It'd be a terrible waste of talent for him to rot on the bench there, playing only for short stretches in a game or two. I wish there was some way top make sure the talent stay more evenly distributed, but it's really impossible when you're playing traffic cop to an entire group of nations.

As for the others, I think Sasu Salin could have a breakthrough this year. I've always liked his game and Olimpija could use some playmaking at SG. If he and Bertans stay, then you could be looking at a dangerous shooting line-up.

Then of course we'll have to see who gets passed up in the draft---hopefully a playmaking PG and a rebounding big---and they can start filling out the roster.

Should be an interesting offseason, and as always, I'll be ranking all of the offseason signings on ELA.

Joško Poljak Fan
06-07-2011, 09:27 PM
I am well aware that Shermadini back to Panathinaikos is a more likely option. However it's basicaly a lose-lose situation. Sherma would get some playing time in greek league and Panathinaikos would lose option of one other rotation player for euroleague along with slower progress and the fact they'd have only one year contract left after that season.

Since I belive, unless some injuries stop his development, Shermadini is a "sure deal" within 2-3 years, prolonging his contract for a year or two would enable him to stay in Olimpija, improve his chances to develope and ensure Panathinaikos with a very good starting center within some time.
I know this might be a bit unlikely to happen, but imo is the win-win situation here.

The "black" scenario, that isn't all that unlikely to happen.
Shermadini doesn't get the reccomended playing time in euroleague or vs. top Greek teams in the next season - due to lack of strenght along with the fact centers mature later - more than expected outcome. Next season he gets some playing time, but doesn't really excell, as noone should expect that from a young center playing first actual season on Panathinaikos level...
With his height and agility get's easily drafted in 20ies or even lottery, signs for an NBA team and since he never learned to actually exploit "his gifts" through game, wastes a decade in NBA hoping to finaly get a chance... he wouldn't be the first one to get himself in that position.
and as far as managers go... they didn't really care about that way too many times in the past, so I wouldn't depend on them in Shermadini's case to be rational, neither. :)

Joško Poljak Fan
06-18-2011, 04:49 PM
Filipovski signed a 3 year deal.
He should finaly be able to show his praised talent. I want some consistency and hope he'll stay for 3 years and won+'t get fired on a first chance.
He got enough experience by now and I'd expect him to produce, especialy since he now has a chance to work in the process of building up a team.

Joško Poljak Fan
08-13-2011, 08:51 AM
So far, relatively good.

-Ben Woodside; seems inteligent and fast, I have some doubts in his defense, but overall seems as a player that has quite some upside for euro bball. The bad part of the deal is one year contract which imo makes the whole signing kind of... borderline unnecesarry for the club
-Aleksander Čapin; I am not in particular fan of him, but it seems Filipovski realy trusts him since Lokomotiva days. I so far trust Filipovski he knows how to evaluate based on euroleague level, as I am not the biggest fan of Čapin. Hopefully he'll proove me wrong during the season.

...Špan, needs to get a loan. A lost year for him and mostlikely a lost case for Olimpija within 3 years when his demands will be too high fr Olimpija to sign him :D well an old story again.

-Salin and Blažič; don't have the insight on practices to evaluate that, but why not risk and keep them both at SG. They can play defense (especialy Blažič), they'd definately represent a risk for team's results, but I personaly would be willing to take that risk.

-Dino Murič and Bertrans; same as above, I'd be willing even to see Olimpija fall out of top16 just to see these 4 youngsters getting tough minutes at highest euro club level and building up for the future.
In case Danny Green signed, he'll be able to help at 2 and 3 for the most part. Another good signing on the first sight, as he shows good bball IQ, but lacks athleticism, wingspan and height, that are getting overated in NBA by now.

-Damir Markota; probably the highest Olimpija can reach. We won't be able to get many more PF - NT members with out budget.
-Goran Jagodnik; If he'll fight the way he did last season, we'll be fine

-Deon Thompson, one more of those underated US players due to height and physical abilities. Should be a good signing, he also shows quite mature character.
- we don't need aditional center, as Stožice are loud enough to win when playing 4 on 5 :p

Overall, I personaly would risk and leave PG, SG and SF as they are right now. That might mean we'll lose top16, but hey... we can also start with the same issue next season all over again, while on the other hand in case theya get some serious playing time in order to develop, those 4 talented SG/SF's we have might than be enough to get us there without some 1 year contract mercenaries.
I'd search for 2 more centers and that's basicaly it.

09-18-2011, 06:02 PM
this Thompson guy look nice aganist Fener. especially watching his match aganist vidmar was full of fun.a good defender, and surprisingly nice passer and even he made a jump shoot far from.

Joško Poljak Fan
09-18-2011, 07:00 PM
I'll wait for a while before making an opinion on him, as he wasn't all that good yesterday, but yeah, he did look quite impressive today.
Hopefully Varda will decide to start playing at least untill euroleague.

Most of all I am glad that Blažič, Murič and Bertrans will be in the rotation. I've really missed the old youth production of Olimpija...