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01-31-2011, 07:59 PM
Alytus is the smallest of the host cities. It is in the south of Lithuania, close to Polish border. 120 Kms from Vilnius, 60 Kms from Kaunas.
As it is the smallest host, it had hotel problems even for the participating teams. So very little chance for staying in the city.
Consider these:

Birštonas - 35 Kms North - a resort near Nemunas river with a number of SPA hotels
Druskininkai - 60 Kms South - another resort with number of SPA hotels
Prienai - 30 Kms North - a town near Birštonas
Marijampolė - 60 Kms West
Lazdijai - 45 Kms South West
Kaunas - 60 Kms North

Also there are a lot of rural farmsteads around the city:
Alytus district (http://www.atostogoskaime.lt/en/search/list/?district[]=3)
Lazdijai district (http://www.atostogoskaime.lt/en/search/list/?district[]=4)

Usefull links:
Alytus on Eurobasket2011 site (http://www.eurobasket2011.com/en/cid_4,w7QjPeH-M,ty138LH2l3.pageID_oYOHS5jRIrAzg1c9b3,cS1.compID_ qMRZdYCZI6EoANOrUf9le2.season_2011.html)
Official site of Alytus (http://www.ams.lt/New/index.php?Lang=5&ItemId=27350)
Alytus Sports and Recreation center site (http://www.asrc.lt/en.html)

02-15-2011, 08:01 AM
Some video from Alytus Arena. it hosted Lithuanian basketball federation cup finals


02-15-2011, 08:03 PM
Basketball camp site Alytus (http://www.booking.com/hotel/lt/basketball-fans-camp-alytus.html?aid=333366;label=panevezys-JL8n3n7hJW1PILaFqA4cAgS6120522097;sid=6aa493afd723 565069770cacdaf4e81b;origin=disamb;srhash=24065506 50;srpos=1)