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10-08-2009, 10:48 AM
Will start tomorrow.

This forum has been sleeping a bit lately, but there have been significant developments recently, which have caused fiery discussions in domestic basketball forums.

1) New three year TV contract with DSF. They will broadcast mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, usually one game per weekend. A rather small amount of money flows to the league itself. Clubs don't make direct money off of it, but having television time of course improves the sponsorship situation.

2) New name sponsor for the league, which will officially be called "BEKO Basketball-Bundesliga" from now on. Six year deal. About one million Euros per year.

3) New foreigner restrictions, seven foreigners maximum allowed in 10/11 and 11/12, and six foreigners maximum from 12/13 onwards. Having only 10 players on the gamesheet, you'll be allowed to play with four Germans, but six of them will be required on a 12-man-gamesheet. No further restrictions on American players.


So much for the general stuff. I won't do a comprehensive preview, firstly because I haven't followed the market as closely as usual, secondly because I don't have the time, thirdly because others have already done it. So for more information I'd recommend you to check CWILL's germanhoops (http://germanhoops.wordpress.com/) blog.

Visit the official league homepage (http://www.beko-bbl.de/index.php) for rosters and statistics.


Top game on the first gameday is Oldenburg vs. Bamberg, last season's semifinal matchup. You can watch DSF on zattoo (http://zattoo.com/), which requires free registration. The game will take place this Saturday, 3:40 PM CET.


A short overview:

Top contenders:
ALBA Berlin - after the early departure of Lee Cummard, who Pavicevic wasn't satisfied with, they have only one new acquisition, Kenan Bajramovic. The reason is that they are playing Euroleague qualification, and they desperately want into EL. There will probably be one more acquisition [Tal Burstein?] after the second leg vs. Maroussi. Top contender for the title, as always.
Budget: 6.5mio € - 7.0mio €
Coach: Luka Pavicevic
Key players: Julius Jenkins, Kenan Bajramovic, Imanuell McElroy

EWE Baskets Oldenburg - reigning champions will try to compete in BBL and Euroleague, and they should have a hard time in both competitions, especially since they play a rather short rotation. Will probably do well early in the season but physical as well as mental fatigue will be a factor later on.
Budget: 6.0mio € - 6.5mio €
Coach: Predrag Krunic
Key players: Rickey Paulding, Jason Gardner

Telekom Baskets Bonn - consecutive vice-champion and constant overachiever, easily the least financially potent team among the top four. Are coming up with a much less athletic but much more European-style and EuroCup-compatible roster this time, we'll have to see how that works out after they had success with a much different style in the past two seasons.
Budget: 3.0mio € - 3.5mio €
Coach: Michael Koch
Key players: Jared Jordan, Vincent Yarbrough, Bryce Taylor

Brose Baskets - Bamberg reached the minimum goal [semifinals] in Chris Fleming's first season with the club after the successful Bauermann reign. Casey Jacobsen is coming back [paid by an additional private sponsor], Brian Roberts will replace the rather disappointing Filiberto Rivera, and the Suput - Brown combo is still key to this team.
Budget: 5.5mio € - 6.0mio €
Coach: Chris Fleming
Key players: Predrag Suput, Elton Brown, Casey Jacobsen

Top playoff candidates behind the title contenders
Artland Dragons Quakenbrück - Kept most of their roster but coach Leibenath learned from his mistakes and adjusted his roster towards more athleticism, which is still needed in this league.
Eisbären Bremerhaven - Brought in proven BBL players Jeff Gibbs and Lou Campbell as well as Rodney Buford. After a catastrophic season, it can only get better but Buford could be trouble.

In the playoff race or in nomansland
ratiopharm Ulm, DB Skyliners Frankfurt, ENBW Ludwigsburg, BG Göttingen, Walter Tigers Tübingen, Giants Düsseldorf, New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig

Relation battle
Gießen 46ers, Mitteldeutscher BC, Phoenix Hagen

10-09-2009, 07:49 PM
Robin Benzing today had 15 points in the first BBL game of his career. Ulm still lost to Bonn 81:89. Jared Jordan had 14 assists for the guests.


10-21-2009, 11:10 AM
infact an impressive season start by benzing, scoring 12 ppg (#1 ppg scored german players http://www.beko-bbl.de/linkit.php?menuid=269&topmenu=4&keepmenu=inactive) )

10-24-2009, 10:37 PM
Any abstences today for Bremerhaven and Oldenburg?

I am thinking to back home team...

12-21-2009, 10:42 PM
So, a few month into the season, and the level of play has, in my opinion, increased compared to the last seasons. We can also conclude that ALBA and Bamberg will probably advance in the EuroCup, while Bonn has had the toughest group of the competition and kept the games versus Joventut, Kazan, and @Besiktas very close. Oldenburg on the other hand is lacking overall quality to make a serious push for Euroleague Top16 qualification. If you look at Paulding's and Foster's play this season, fans can finally put their never justified fears to rest that these two guys might be snatched by some other European clubs. Look at the bright side.

There's a new table format in the BBL this season, but in my opinion, even an alphabetical ranking is more accurate, so we can pass on that. The top four are ALBA Berlin (11-2), Oldenburg (9-4), Göttingen (8-4, they are 15th according to the new table, haha) and Bonn (10-5).

ALBA has won their last eight. They are playing very attractive, fluent basketball, were just in time to get rid of Kenan Bajramovic who looked demotivated, out-of-shape and could never justify the high expectations. Golemac is hardly a potential go to option, he's a highly intelligent, versatile big man who plays within the team offense, I think he can make the adjustment. Derrick Byars has been doing solid on the SF spot. Their best player so far this season is arguably Imanuell McElroy.

Oldenburg hasn't been in convincing form and they are starting to look tired, but they are still up there. Jasmin Perkovic, who had been injured in key stages of 08/09, is their most solid player this season.

Haven't seen Göttingen, and have no interest in seeing them.

Bonn has had injury (and "injury" :rolleyes:) problems all season, but they are playing really well in late November and December, and they've won their last five, including difficult victories in Bamberg and Braunschweig. Ronald Dupree is still adjusting, he's too often out of control but Coach is already taking care of that. Bryce Taylor doesn't pass, but he can score off the dribble. Jared Jordan was ultra soft in the beginning, but he is adjusting to the physical style here in Europe and is stopping to look at the ref after every push against him. He's also getting rid of that flashiness towards a more methodical and effective pick and roll game. Tim Ohlbrecht has been a nice surprise, the 1988 born power forward is shooting reasonably well from beyond the arc, scores in double figures, and adds some athleticism to the roster. But their key player has been 35-year-old Chris Ensminger, who is one of the elite rebounders in the league, passes extremely well out of the lowpost, and averages almost 13 points a game.

Braunschweig is looking much better than the years before, finally finding some structure and surely contending for a playoff spot. They have this guy Schaffartzik, you know him, the guy who usually shoots 2 for 10 only to go for 7/7 from three point range against a big basketball nation and thus makes whole Europe wonder how the hell they could miss out on this magnificent basketball player. (rumour has it that VS666 was already drawing McGrady comparisons in this forum, but Rikhardur deleted them)

Rodney Buford has been doing his thing in Bremerhaven, but their most important player is Lou Campbell (imo). Bremerhaven plays well, but I don't think they are a team that can make a deep postseason run. Bring out the cockroaches.

Artland Dragons, Frankfurt Skyliners, ENBW Ludwigsburg and newcomers Mitteldeutscher BC (refreshingly) have had good seasons so far. Spots 4-10 will be closer together this season, I think.

Brose Baskets have bounced back, two more losses, and their coach would have been fired. One of the saviours was Anton Gavel, who is playing really, really well and has reignited Fleming's roster.

As for Gießen 46ers, it is just a matter of time before they show fateague.

12-22-2009, 09:23 PM
thanks for taking the time to write that up. Although I would like more on some of barely mentioned clubs like Trier, MBC since you are close to the action. The non European competition teams are just as interesting to me.

Regarding Foster, he has already been contacted by a couple inquiring clubs about his status. (no 'talks' yet, just interest) You can trust that. So a few struggles have not swayed possible interest as you would like to imply. And imo Foster has not struggled nearly as much as Paulding this season. Foster has always been a defender first, scorer second..his overall floor game allows him to effect a game when his shot is not falling. He ranks in the Bundesligatop ten in assists, and top 5 in steals. His early Euroleague exploits got some people talking..(lets just say that reside in cold place :))

But the biggest problem for Oldenburg though was the season long absence of starting point guard Jason Gardner, a vital member of last season's championship team. That forced Foster, more of a combo guard, to handle a lot of the pg duties. But Oldenburg did not have adequate guard depth behind Foster, prompting them to sign Bryan Bailey. Gardner just returned, but the damage was already done. As far as the EL is concerned, it does not matter because they simply do not have enough quality depth. But they should very formidable by the time the German playoffs come around.

http://germanhoops.wordpress.com/ -- Probably the best best blog that covers German hoops in English. I recommend to anyone who is thirsty for real quality writeups on Bundesliga league. :)

12-22-2009, 10:11 PM
It was never meant to be a neither complete nor 100% serious roundup, but rather a brainstorm in the late evening hours. Salted with some insider jokes not everyone may understand. ;)

Foster and Paulding are okay players. Really good players for Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, lower level in Italy. Cold places ... Finland has a lot of former BBL players. Paulding was the true BBL MVP last season, gotta give him that. Foster has an intriguing allround package but his bad shot selection, which has kept his shooting percentages low throughout his pro career, is something clubs with winning culture on a higher level than BBL cannot afford.

12-22-2009, 10:48 PM
It was never meant to be a neither complete nor 100% serious roundup, but rather a brainstorm in the late evening hours. Salted with some insider jokes not everyone may understand. ;)

Foster and Paulding are okay players. Really good players for Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, lower level in Italy. Cold places ... Finland has a lot of former BBL players. Paulding was the true BBL MVP last season, gotta give him that. Foster has an intriguing allround package but his bad shot selection, which has kept his shooting percentages low throughout his pro career, is something clubs with winning culture on a higher level than BBL cannot afford.

Oh ok, I was wondering a while back if you were going to do another review like the initial one in this thread. Those will be appreciated as the season progresses.

I agree about Foster's shot selection. Although with a higher level club (cold place that you did not mention yet :D), he certainly would not have the green light that Krunic is giving him, and imo he would gladly adjust his role/style. I'm biased but I think he could develop into a solid role/bench player on a higher level team...mainly because he defends. (all of this my imo of course and it implies nothing, as far as I know Foster is extemely happy in Germany)

Anyways I wish I could watch more Bundesliga games. I guess that DSF website limits viewership to the region :( And it seems like the German fans only upload Alba games..great club to watch but I like Phantoms, Bamberg & Oldenburg.

each way
12-23-2009, 09:10 AM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts of the season so far robbe, interesting read especially as German basketball is not really covered where I live.

01-03-2010, 11:14 PM
Since most of the guys are interested in individual performances I will overcome my nature and hand out some midseason awards.


C: Chris Ensminger (Telekom Baskets Bonn) 12.9PPG; 8.6RPG; 56.5FG%
The old man is having one of the best seasons he has ever played. 12.9 and 8.6 in the BBL, 15.5 and 9.3 in the EuroCup. Leads the BBL in rebounding, 2nd in the EuroCup. Suddenly a great free throw shooter as well. Very tough player who is on an outstanding fitness level for a 36-year-old, as doctors are confirming. Bamberg fans still haven't digested his departure in 2008.

PF: Jasmin Perkovic (EWE Baskets Oldenburg) 10.9PPG; 5.9RPG; 2.3APG; 48.3FG%
Injury plagued, but he's having a really good season for Oldenburg, their most consistent performer so far in 09/10.

SF: Immanuell McElroy (ALBA Berlin) 9.9PPG; 5.8RPG; 3.3APG; 50.4FG%
After a slow start, ALBA has been on a roll, and they're on course for the regular season 1st spot. McElroy is a steady contributor in many areas of the game. Nothing extraordinary for his own high standards, but considering the subpar early season form of Rickey Paulding and another rather unspectacular season from Casey Jacobsen, McElroy is the best small forward so far.

SG: Julius Jenkins (ALBA Berlin) 13.4PPG; 2.2APG; 45.1 3FG%
Jenkins has been criticised a bit for not being a closer. In fact, he does possess the one and one abilities to be a closer, but as we know that is not all it takes. Nevertheless, he is the BBL's best pick and roll player, and - in my opinion - the best player overall. His plus/minus statistics are leading the team by a mile. He's not a classic shooting guard, but rather a guy like Greer in Piraeus or even Spanoulis in PAO in terms of being used on-the-ball a lot. Has improved his basketball-IQ and discipline significantly, really impressed by his development. He's not having an exceptional season for his standards, but he's shooting the basketball at a very high percentage from the outside.

PG: Anton Gavel (Brose Baskets) 8.0PPG; 2.3APG; 45.6FG%
Gavel is the piece of the puzzle that turned Bamberg's season around. They had won only 2 out of 8 before he joined the team, but are 8 of 10 since. The most significant improvement is probably on defense, where he is far ahead of John Goldsberry.

Honorable mentions: Tyler Rochestie (Göttingen), Lou Campbell (Bremerhaven), Chris Oliver (Göttingen)



Julius Jenkins (ALBA Berlin)
See above, don't know who else one could make a case for.


This would be a perception pick, since it's impossible to watch enough BBL games to answer this. I'd say the three best individual defenders in the league are Immanuell McElroy (ALBA), Je'Kel Foster (Oldenburg) and Vince Yarbrough (Bonn, but out injured long-term). But this is on thin ice. ALBA's Steffen Hamann has great impact on team defense as well.


Tim Ohlbrecht (Telekom Baskets Bonn) 11.3PPG; 4.3RPG, 54.2FG%, 43.8 3FG%
One of the young guys that played for Germany in Poland last summer. Never managed to fulfil the high expectations (was featured as #2 pick in 2009 mockdrafts a few years ago) in Bamberg, where he played at center. In Bonn he is starting at power forward and is having a really good season. Fairy efficient on the offensive end, ballhandling, post defense and rebounding still need a lot of work, but he leads the team by a mile in the plus/minus category, I would say in large part due to his ability to stretch the floor with his shooting and thus open space for the Jordan/Ensminger-pick and roll, which his backup Patrick Flomo - an inside player - cannot do. Leads the league in shotblocking. Difficult to say where his path leads him to (hasn't really done well in the EuroCup), but he has nice size (2.10m/6'11) for a PF, a sweet perimeter stroke, and leaping abilities.

A run through the topscorers list, as this is probably what most foreign people look at first. You really shouldn't.

David Teague (Gießen) 21.1
Has the green light on a team that is very limited but seems to have nice chemistry, everybody works their butts off for him. Nevertheless, it will be a hard season for them, currently they are on a relegation spot. I'm very pessimistic regarding his ability to play winning basketball.
Rodney Buford (Bremerhaven) 17.5
Yeah well, plays his own game. Talented scorer without doubt, but will be slowed down by better defense in the playoffs, if they reach them.
Chris Oliver (Göttingen) 17.1
A productive power forward for Göttingen, who are doing very well yet again. Excellent rebounder, plays hard night in night out. No "empty stats".
Christopher Copeland (Trier) 15.6
Productive power forward as well. But a bit of a diva, no intense player, I can see him putting up decent stats on bottom-or-middle-of-the table teams in Germany, France, Belgium or Turkey, but that's about it. Soft defender.
Christian Burns (Ulm) 15.5
Pure streetballer. His club is having its worst season since a long time. These stats are emptier than vacuum.
Michael Jenkins (Tübingen) 15.2
The former Buducnost guy is having a decent season. He won't burn down the league, but I'm a little surprised he signed in Tübingen. Probably his coach Perovic's network.
Taylor Rochestie (Göttingen) 14.9
Just saw him recently and like his play. Extremely mature for a first European season. Has potential.
Chase Griffin (Hagen) 14.8
Lone scorer on a very bad team.
Maurice Jeffers (Gießen) 14.7
Second scorer on the Gießen 46ers. A lot of freedom for him as well. By no means an elite player, like most players that are leading the scoring ranks in European leagues.
Derrick Allen (Frankfurt) 14.7
"The BBL's Jamie Arnold" (credits to Trif for that comparison, couldn't be more fitting). Hyperactive post player with really a nice arsenal and a deadly midrange game, but an atrocious defender. Has been in the BBL's top ten in scoring for half the decade but has never played for a really good team. That should tell you enough.


Tibor Pleiß (2.15m/7'1ft) (C) (1989) (Brose Baskets) 6.8PPG; 5.2RPG; 1.4APG; 54.9FG%
Starting center in Bamberg with Elton Brown starting on the bench. 2nd in the league in shotblocking. Long arms, nice timing on the pick and roll. Good development, but needs to continue putting weight on. Most of you will probably remember him as the guy that was manhandled by Big Sofo in Poland.

Robin Benzing (2.08m/6'10ft) (SF) (1989) (ratiopharm Ulm) 11.7PPG; 2.0RPG; 1.1APG; 36.9FG%
The long small forward who turned heads last Eurobasket enjoys a big role, which is great. Unfortunately, Ulm isn't playing very organised basketball. Scoring in double figures, but shooting ratios are far below average.

Tim Ohlbrecht (2.10m/6'11ft) (PF) (1988) (Bonn)
See "Comeback of the Year"

Carsten Tadda (1.92m/6'4ft) (SG) (1988) (Brose Baskets) 5.2PPG; 1.8APG; 41.4FG%
Wasn't part of the Poland roster, but is a future candidate imo. Best defensive perimeter player on the Bamberg roster. Tough and down to earth guy who plays the game the right way. Undersized SG.

Per Günther (1.84m/6'0ft) (PG) (1988) (ratiopharm Ulm) 6.6PPG; 2.7APG; 43.8FG%
Would have been on the Poland roster but was stopped by an injury. Really understands the game, but too small and easily dominated by athletic guards as well as an easy victim for the shotblocker. Will he ever be on a physical level that enables him to compete?

01-04-2010, 12:30 AM
Tibor Pleiß (2.15m/7'1ft) (C) (1989) (Brose Baskets) 6.8PPG; 5.2RPG; 1.4APG; 54.9FG%
Starting center in Bamberg with Elton Brown starting on the bench. 2nd in the league in shotblocking. Long arms, nice timing on the pick and roll. Good development, but needs to continue putting weight on. Most of you will probably remember him as the guy that was manhandled by Big Sofo in Poland.
Those are pretty good numbers, I really didn't know he was starting for Bamberg. Looks like Bauermann's words had some effect.

01-04-2010, 06:04 AM
To the youth watch department, I woud certainly add:

Nikita Khartchenkov (2.01m/6'7''ft) (SF) (1987) (Mitteldeutscher BC) 8.4PPG; 40.3% 3pointer

Johannes Lischka (2.03m/6'8''ft) (SF/PF) (1987) (Gießen 46ers) 7.2ppg; 4.0 rpg; 53,3% FG

Philipp Schwethelm (2.00m/6'7''ft) (SG/SF) (1989) (Eisbaeren Bremerhaven) 4.7 ppg; 1.4 rpg.; 47.4% 3pointer

01-29-2010, 09:50 PM
Oldenburg beat ALBA 68:59 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=329&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=1&spiel_id=7295) in a top clash this evening. Luka Pavicevic got ejected. Foster is playing very well recently. ALBA is 1:3 vs. Oldenburg, Bonn, Göttingen.

Another hopefully great game with rich history (several memorable playoff brawls etc.) between two teams will take place tomorrow in Bonn, when the hosts face Bamberg. One of the few highlights of a way too long regular season.

01-30-2010, 02:42 AM
One of the few highlights of a way too long regular season.

Hey, don't mock the regular season. It's all some of us have :(

01-31-2010, 08:17 AM
Bremerhaven currently the hottest team in the BBL with 7 consecetive wins after last nights 86-85 win at Trier, secured with a buzzer beater by newly aquired american Andrew Drevo, hitting one of his four three's in the last second of the game.
This win puts Bremerhaven back in 2nd place behind Alba Berlin with a 14-7 record.

The team is 6-0 since the firing of ex NBA player Rodney Buford.

02-06-2010, 11:37 AM
Good old Elvir Ovcina almost had a triple double last night, posting 18 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 7 turnovers and 5 blocks in a win @Bremerhaven. :eek:

03-10-2010, 08:21 PM
Hey everyone,

copy and paste this link below for a cool feature interview with Taylor Rochestie!


03-30-2010, 11:03 PM
GER - German League round-up

Oldenburg close gap on Berlin and Bonn

BERLIN (Beko Basketball Bundesliga) - The top three teams in the Beko BBL all recorded wins over the weekend to keep the standings intact.

Despite being without top scorer Julius Jenkins, ALBA Berlin held off Artland Fragons in front of 10,215 spectators who filled the O2 World.

Rashad Wright had 15 points, Immanuel McElroy added 11 to go along with eight assists and Derrick Byars also had 11.

The home team led throughout and were lucky that the visitors couldn't make good on three attempts in the final minute.

Telekom Baskets also had a close game in Bonn, as they beat visiting New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig by the slimmest of margins, 79-78.

Ronald Dupree had 23 points to lead the home side while Bryce Taylor added 19 and big man Chris Ensminger had a double-double with 13 points and 14 rebounds.

Bonn were up 65-53 at the end of the third quarter but Marcus Goree spearheaded a Braunschweig comeback which culminated in his converted three-point play for a 78-77 advantage.

Patrick Flomo hit a jumper and that proved to be the winning basket.

Goree finished with a game-high 25 points and Kevin Hamilton chipped in with 17.

Meanwhile, EWE Oldenburg improved to a league-best 21-6 mark following their 58-48 win over visiting Giessen 46ers.

The 3,148 spectators in the sold out EWE-Arena witnessed a low-scoring, scrappy encounter, but the final result that favoured their beloved German champions is what mattered, not the manner in which it was accomplished.

Je'Kel Foster had 12 points and Jason Gardner was the only other in double-digits with 10.

The hosts were up 51-48 with one minute left to play before Gardner hit a timely three-pointer that put the game beyond the visitors' reach.

The defeat saw Giessen back in the relegation battle.

Elsewhere, Giants Düsseldorf provided the surprise result as they edged out Deutsche Bank SKYLINERS 66-64 on the road.

The result, combined with defeats suffered by Giessen, TBB Trier and Phoenix Hagen, renewed the visitors' hopes of staying in the top flight.

Düsseldorf's win was all the more surprising as Frankfurt's Derrick Allen went for 28 points and the Giants only made 15 of 27 free-throws and were out-rebounded 39-24.


04-06-2010, 10:08 PM
GER - German League round-up

Artland stun Oldenburg in derby

ARTLAND (Beko Basketball Bundesliga) – EWE Baskets Oldenburg suffered a minor setback in the Beko BBL when they lost the local derby against Artland Dragons 66-52 at the weekend.

Some 3,000 spectators filled Artland Arena and witnessed a 22-1 run spanning the second part of the third quarter and the start of the final frame that turned the game on its head.

A low-scoring game was tied at 30 all at half time before the defending champions pulled away to take a 40-33 lead, but they were then surprisingly outscored 33-19 the rest of the way.

Nathan Peavy had a game-high 18 points and Darren Fenn added 17 for Artland, who kept their play-off hopes alive with the win.

Rickey Paulding had 14 for Oldenburg. The defending champions did recover from the disappointing performance to beat top flight newcomers Phoenix Hagen 73-64 on Monday. The American poured in 21 points in that winning effort.

Meanwhile, ALBA Berlin remained top of the table by rallying late to beat the Giants 79-73 in Düsseldorf. The result extended a run of good form for the table-toppers, who secured their spot in the Eurocup Final Four just days earlier.

The visitors were down by nine late in the third period, but a three-point barrage followed by some timely baskets by Derrick Byars and Rashard Wright enabled them to get back in the game and gain the ascendancy.

Byars had 18 and Wright added 17 for Berlin, who were without the injured pair of Julius Jenkins and Jurica Golemac.

Brendan Winters hit six of seven attempts from beyond the arc on his way to a game-high 20 points for the Giants.

Elsewhere, LTi Giessen 46ers and TBB Trier recorded massive wins in their respective bids to avoid relegation. Lorenzo Williams made a lay-up in the final seconds to help Giessen edge out WALTER Tigers Tübingen 70-68, thereby ending the latter’s play-off hopes. Maurice Jeffers had 22 points for the home side. TBB Trier saw off ratiopharm Ulm 89-74 behind Christopher Copleand’s 30 points and 11 rebounds.

In other games, Eisbären Bremerhaven got the better of Deutsche Bank Skyliners 76-74 and EnBW Ludwigsburg lost at home to Brose Baskets 73-72. BC Göttingen held off Phoenix Hagen 76-69 to remain undefeated (13-0) at home.


04-14-2010, 07:35 PM
Some BBL-Awards have been handed out. MVP is coming tomorrow.

Newcomer of the year: Taylor Rochestie (BG Göttingen) - High-speed, sharp-shooting point guard, energy guy, deserved award.

Young player award: Tibor Pleiß (Brose Baskets) - 2.15m big man, starting center for Bamberg. He has a great future in front of him, days in the BBL are counted.

Offensive player of the Year: Julius Jenkins (ALBA Berlin) - A logical choice considering his value for ALBA Berlin (see plus/minus per 28 minutes, but you don't really need those, it is obvious whenever you see them play)


Defensive player of the year: This award is more about reputation than anything else, I doubt anyone of the decision-makers has watched enough games and looked closely enough at defense to make a well-founded decision. McElroy has the reputation of being a great defender in the BBL, his fourth DPOY title. Logical choice.

MVP-contenders: Jenkins, McElroy, Je'Kel Foster (best player in Oldenburg this season), Chris Ensminger (Bonn), Jeff Gibbs (Bremerhaven), Predrag Suput (Brose Baskets).
Coach of the year: Göttingen's John Patrick has a great chance to get it yet again. Bonn is overachieving as always (considering the budget), we've gotten used to that, so I doubt Mike Koch is going to win it. Krunic could win it of course, but Luka Pavicevic, also considering his international success this year, would be deserving as well.

My choices: Jenkins, Pavicevic
But since first-placed Oldenburg would go home empty-handed, I guess one of the two awards goes to them.

05-03-2010, 05:47 PM
Playoffs are beginning next Saturday with a double-header: Oldenburg vs. Braunschweig at 14:40 CET, and newly-crowned EuroChallenge-winner BG Göttingen vs. Bremerhaven at 17:55 CET. Those blockbusters can be watched via zattoo (http://www.zattoo.com) (requires free registration).

Oldenburg (1) vs. Braunschweig (8)
Plot: Pot-smoking dude and his small friend who's been smoking the green weed of The Shire for more than three thousand years try stealing a ring from the ruler of Mordor, but the guy claims said ring is not in his house.
Cast: Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje as Dikembe Mutombo, Heiko Schaffartzik as Frodo, Daniel Hain as random bloke #17, Boris Schmidt as Gimli, Nate Fox as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

Berlin (2) vs. Frankfurt (7)
Plot: Group of Harvard students want to go on a cruise to the most beautiful locations in the world but don't make it in time, so one of them goes berserk. Ship sinks anyway. They take a fishing cutter to Rügen instead, where they visit a bank. Disturbingly emotional.
Cast: Julius Jenkins as The Bride, Luka Pavicevic as Rose DeWitt Bukater, Jordi Bertomeu as God, Gordon Herbert as Drunk Captain, Steffen Hamann as Celine Dion

Göttingen (3) vs. Bremerhaven (6)
Plot: A sack full of rice collapses.
Cast: Sack full of rice as Sack full of rice

Bonn (4) vs. Bamberg (5)
Plot: Ugly looking, crippled machine guy goes berserk on some of his old friends for having abandoned him from the clique, then proceeds to stare down stuffed animals.
Cast: Chris Ensminger as The Terminator, Keyser Söze and Verbal Kint, Ronald Dupree as the anonymous traveller, Elton Brown as Winnie Pooh, Tibor Pleiß as Goofy, Robert Garrett as Drive-In Service Guy, with a minor appearance from Casey Jacobsen as Casey Jacobsen three years younger.

05-05-2010, 02:28 PM
Oldenburg (1) vs. Braunschweig (8)
Plot: Pot-smoking dude and his small friend who's been smoking the green weed of The Shire for more than three thousand years try stealing a ring from the ruler of Mordor, but the guy claims said ring is not in his house.
Cast: Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje as Dikembe Mutombo, Heiko Schaffartzik as Frodo, Daniel Hain as random bloke #17, Boris Schmidt as Gimli, Nate Fox as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski

Now this is hilarious :D
Have you already been contacted by the BBL to do their marketing?

05-05-2010, 09:30 PM
Now this is hilarious :D
Have you already been contacted by the BBL to do their marketing?
Yes, but I heard Marco Baldi threw in a veto!

05-06-2010, 06:31 AM
Damn. The Dude is out. Got suspended by his team again... Nobody knows why. Did the ring take control of him? Did he fall? Unlikely that he'll do a Gandalf and rise again after fighting the Balrog ;-).

05-10-2010, 07:21 AM
Game 1 of Beko BBL quarterfinals took place this weekend.

Göttingen beat Bremerhaven with a clear 91:73 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8475) led by 24 points by Dwayne Anderson (73 % FG). Bremerhaven lacked playoff defense. Having seen this game, I sweep is not so unlikely.

Telekom Baskets Bonn lost at home against Brose Baskets Bamberg a very close game with 78:80 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8476). Bonn's Ohlbrecht (16p 4r) and Strasser (11p 3r 3a) both had it in their hands but missed their a match winning threepointer each. For Bamberg Suput scored 16 and Worthington 15.

German champion Oldenburg won its first game against NY Phantoms Braunschweig 83:67 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8473). Although Braunschweig got an early lead, Oldenburg simply was to good for the eighth ranked team. Guards/Forwards Rickey Paulding (19), Je'kel Foster (17) and Joshua Carter (13) scored double digits for Oldenburg. Former Buffalo Bull Yassin Idbihi was Braunschweig's top scorer with 19 points but a meagre 5/12.

The biggest upset of the day was yesterday's 71:76 (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8474) loss by ALBA Berlin against Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt. ALBA started with a nice three by Derrick Byars and was able to win the first quarter. But Frankfurt showed a better performance from the second quarter on. ALBA found no way to stop Derrick Allen (15) and Seth Doliboa. Defensively Frankfurt stopped ALBA's pick and roll for good. The overall take by fans, media and coach is that ALBA Berlin just didn't deliver a playoff attitude.

After game press conference (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QRyROkl1d0&playnext_from=TL&videos=WOXbVpygcUs&feature=sub) (English):
Highlights (http://www.youtube.com/v/y4VaO5rZvjg&hl=de_DE&fs=1&)

05-13-2010, 09:26 AM
Bamberg up 2:0 on Bonn.

Ronald Dupree playing like he's never played a playoff game in his life. That's one of the keys so far.

Bonn unable to play high quality defense, which was visible early in the season and remains the main problem.

Pleiß ('89) is doing very well so far. 18 points and 10 rebounds yesterday against a veteran center (Ensminger).

Jared Jordan outplayed by the impressive Gavel/Goldsberry tandem.

Boxscore (http://statistik.basketball-bundesliga.de/bbl/stats/game/index.php?wettbewerb=2&saison=2009&spiel_id=8480)

Today, Frankfurt vs ALBA (1:0) on DSF/Sport1.

05-13-2010, 09:32 AM
Today, Frankfurt vs ALBA (1:0) on DSF/Sport1.
But only online as pay per view for €1,99 and only accessible in Germany.

05-13-2010, 11:26 AM
But only online as pay per view for €1,99 and only accessible in Germany.
So that's what the "TV" icon on the BBL homepage means. Nice ... :rolleyes:

I heard they have a great "full screen"-option too.

05-14-2010, 08:06 AM
Woah... these playoffs really are something awful for Berlin fans.

Frankfurt beat Berlin 76:63 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8478) and takes a 2:0 lead. Frankfurt played well, stuck to their systems, newly installed by Gordon Herbert. ALBA played without heart, effort and ideas. Nothing to be seen of the team that won against Jerusalem, Badalona and Bilbao. It's just a very poor performance.

Braunschweig ties the series against Oldenburg. Led by C Jason Cain's 20 points they beat Oldenburg 73:65 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8477). Oldenburg tried to win by shooting threes and only made 5/29.

Bremerhaven won against Göttingen with a 91:72 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8479) blowout and ties the series. Göttingen commited 28 fouls while Bremerhaven had 18. One could guess that the legs are tired for Göttingens usual high intensity defense or that Göttingen is just unable to adjust a very restrictive line the referees show in these playoffs.

05-16-2010, 06:02 PM
Bonn is out, 82:84 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8484) vs Bamberg in a game that had 66 fouls. But that loss was kind of expected, Bonn's inability to play defense (with Ronald Dupree and Bryce Taylor as the two weak points, Jared Jordan was at least trying) had been visilble all season. Dupree had 18 points, 7 rebounds and 9 turnovers in the whole series.

ALBA Berlin just survived a sweep by edging Frankfurt 87:76 after overtime (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8482). Julius Jenkins had 22.

A huge upset in Oldenburg, where the champions fell 66:70 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=2&spiel_id=8481) to Braunschweig (1:2 now). Brandon Thomas had 12.

05-17-2010, 07:09 AM
Some more videos:

ALBA vs Frankfurt (game 3):
Highlights (http://www.youtube.com/user/albabasketball#p/u/3/SV-m17iZ54w) (w two gorgeous dunks by Byars)
Press conference: part1 (http://www.youtube.com/user/albabasketball#p/u/1/hn1TBnAoI00) and part2 (http://www.youtube.com/user/albabasketball#p/u/2/7u1Pxkcf1eM)

ALBA @ Frankfurt (game2):
Highlights (http://www.youtube.com/user/albabasketball#p/u/5/bfir_s0xXiU)

Oldenburg vs. Braunschweig (game1)
Highlights (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsPjGqj6XBY)

Göttingen vs. Bremerhaven (game1)
Highlights (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxBRfJZ2mHE)

05-19-2010, 07:03 PM
ALBA crashes out of the playoffs. Terribly lethargic, irritating display by their key players Jenkins, McElroy, Wright, Byars. None of those guys played as if they plan to return next season. Hamann was the only one who showed up.

Derrick Allen had 26 points, 9 rebounds and +23 plus/minus.


05-20-2010, 06:09 AM
After Braunschweig eliminated champions Oldenburg, only one of the top four seeds has the chance to qualify for the semifinals: Göttingen, who will have to survive a game 5 vs. Bremerhaven.

ALBA, Bonn, Oldenburg are out. One of Bamberg, Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Göttingen/Bremerhaven will play in the Euroleague next season.

05-21-2010, 08:52 PM
Not sure if this has ever happened: Seeds 1 to 4, all the teams that had homecourt advantage, are eliminated from the playoffs.

Heartbreak for Göttingen. Andrew Drevo sends Bremerhaven to the semis with a shot a few tenths of a second before the buzzer.

05-21-2010, 09:40 PM
Not sure if this has ever happened: Seeds 1 to 4, all the teams that had homecourt advantage, are eliminated from the playoffs.

And from an international perspective perhaps pretty interesting: Out of the six German teams having played in European competitions this season, only Bamberg is alive. Were the others too tired due to their efforts in EuroCup and -Challenge or did the German league get so much more competitive within the last year?

But as Germany usually awards the spots via a two-year ranking including playoffs, regular season and cup, it is likely that Oldenburg, ALBA Berlin and Telekom Baskets Bonn will earn a place again.

This is mainly due to the fact that out of the four semifinalists two clubs didn't reach the Playoffs last season.

05-24-2010, 03:32 PM
Semi finals - 1st game

Bremerhaven beat Frankfurt Skyliners 75:58 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8493). A game dominated by individual performances as Frankfurt was not able to repeat it's great teamplay shown in the QF against Berlin. Topscorers were Bremerhaven's Anthony Drevo (PF) and undersized PF/C Jeff Gibbs with 19 each. Jimmy McKinney scored 18 (5/7 3pts) for Frankfurt.

Brose Baskets won against NY Phantoms Braunschweig 86:77 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8494). Bamberg plays great ball at the moment. Excellent and very hard team defense and very versatile offense. It's just impressive how unstoppable Bamberg's PF Predrag Suput (16p, 8r, 6a) is, even when Marcus Goree (10 pts, 10reb) is his opponent. Additionally Bamberg's SG/SF Casey Jacobsen is back to full strength after an injury and scores 18. And just don't forget Tibor Pleiss... it's great fun to watch them play. Bamberg got an early 11:0 lead but Braunschweig then was able to stay in the game... but Bamberg's victory was never in peril.

Next games Wednesday 18:00 CEST televised on sport1.

05-26-2010, 06:51 PM
Phantoms Braunschweig lost the 2nd game of the semi finals at home against Brose Baskets Bamberg 73:82 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8495). Bamberg showed a great team effort with six players scoring double digits, Aussie Mark Worthington was Bambergs topscorer with 16. For Braunschweig Marcus Goree scored 16 and Jason Cain put on 13p and 9r.

3rd game is on Sunday. Bamberg once again showed that they're the main contender for the double as they already won the cup.

05-28-2010, 01:46 PM
Yesterday, Frankfurt Skyliners won against Eisbären Bremerhaven a close game with 84:83. The best of five series is now 1:1. Bremerhaven's uundersized center/forward Jeff Gibbs (1,88m) put on 21 points and grabbed 12 boards. But Frankfurt's PG Aubrey Reese scored important and quite wild shots (18p) as he did in the quarterfinals against ALBA Berlin.

The next game of this series will be played Saturday 18h CET, live on sport1.

Some highlights (http://www.hr-online.de/website/rubriken/sport/index.jsp?key=standard_document_39195177&jmpage=1&type=v&rubrik=6074&jm=1&mediakey=fs/hessenschau/20100527_1930_skyliners).

05-30-2010, 03:40 PM
Brose Baskets Bamberg sweeped NewYorker Phantoms Braunschweig at last. With a dominant 94:82 victory (http://www.basketball-bundesliga.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8497) Brose Baskets made a clear statement and are the first finalist.

Anton Gavel scored 23 (6/10 3pt) for Bamberg, Peja Suput 21.

In the other series of the semis, Frankfurt had a blow out victory at Bremerhaven (53:79) (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8498) and gained homecourt advantage for game 4 on tuesday.

06-02-2010, 06:35 AM
Eisbaeren Bremerhaven recapture homecourt advantage with a deserved 76-69 win in Frankfurt and take the series back to Bremerhaven for the final match tomorrow. The winner will meet Bamberg in the finals.

06-03-2010, 08:55 PM
In the 5th game of the semis, Frankfurt Skyliners had an overtime victory against Eisbären Bremerhaven 56:52 (51:51) (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=3&spiel_id=8502). It was a very intense and extremely low scoring game, purely living by it's suspense and roughness. Just a single field goal in the overtime.

Topscorers: Campbell (20) for Bremerhaven and Allen (15) for Frankfurt.

The finals now will be Bamberg vs. Frankfurt. First game in Bamberg is Sunday at 7:30pm (TV: sport1).

06-07-2010, 02:52 PM
Frankfurt stole the first game in Bamberg 65:63 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=4&spiel_id=8503) as Aubrey Reese and Quantez Robertson made some big points. Bamberg started really well, Casey Jacobsen and Peja Suput scoring at will. But Frankfurt won the second quarter and Bamberg was not able to maintain the lead. Some highlights are available on sport1.de (http://www.sport1.de/de/video/vid_mehrsport/vid_mehrsport_basketballlive/#/31E034C83BA11C2F1858105B3C196C2F,265,F6C0CC6503BC6 06227A7BEA9D7E49E66634115172136516250,Basketball).

06-17-2010, 08:43 PM
Brose Baskets won game 5 of the BEKO BBL finals 72:70 (http://www.beko-bbl.de/scouting.php?menuid=328&topmenu=3&keepmenu=inactive&wettbewerb=4&spiel_id=8507) and the German championship. Finals MVP Casey Jacobsen, great game by draft prospect Tibor Pleiss who made very important points in the last minutes and the final free throw.

06-18-2010, 12:20 AM
What a comeback (actually, two comebacks) by the Skyliners and what a tense final. Frankfurt's players missed four out of seven FTs in the last minute or so. The heartbreaking one came by the best man on court, Pascal Roller, who is a dead-eye FT shooter. He went to the line with six ticks left and Bamberg leading by two. He swished the first one but was kinda short on the second one. No full extension, no basket. What a drama! Especially for a Skyliners fan like me :mad: But nobody thought about the Skys going so far. Playoffs weren't necessarily expected but when Gordon Herbert came back, he changed the who situation. Players came out of doghouse, they have been in with Didin. They got more trust and delivered. But what a story of this season... After a great comeback, Frankfurt loses the Cup final to Bamberg by one. After a great comeback, Frankfurt loses game 5 of the finals to Bamberg by two. The teams were #5 and #7, respectively, after the regular season.

One remark to this game... I thought, Herbert ought to play more with Allen as C and Doliboah as PF, when Pleiss went out with foul trouble. Labovic was a non-factor in the whole series, while Jenkins had too many fumblings. The Skyliners needed to play quick with five offensively potent players. When the did play with this lineup, they've had great success.

Congratulations to Bamberg but also huge kudos to the Skyliners who proved to have the biggest balls of iron in the whole league. They ousted Alba Berlin in the first round (no home court advantage) and snatched one game away in Berlin. They beat Bremerhaven in OT of game 5 on the road (no homecourt advantage). They came on the brink of winning the championship on the road in Bamberg no homecourt advantage), after stealing game one in Bamberg at the buzzer. They've lost game 3 by 45 points in a total demolition game. They came back strong at home, by tying the series and if it wouldn't be for so many missed FTs at the end of the game... This awesome squad had it in their hands but unfortunately came up just short.

Hopefully, this big success by the Skyliners will draw more attention by possible sponsors and the team can can its financial situation straight. They simply belong to the top of the league.

Now, it'll be tough to put up a squad for the net season for them. Too many mandatory German players and I see only two dead-sure candidates. Roller and bench warmer Franke. Nolte is surely unhappy with his situation and will leave. De Mello... unsure. He could stay. Moyer is probably gone. Labovic is gone but he was just loaned. Aubrey Reese will probably look for a job somewhere else. McKinney's contract might not get renewed. The team needs an SG who can create for himself and is not afraid to dribble the ball. Quantez Robertson should probably stay as he will get the international exposure he could hope for. Jenkins will probably stay, same for Allen. Doliboah? If he is unhappy with his decreased role, he's gone. I see a tough and busy summer for the Skyliners but I believe that coach Herbert will be able to lure a couple of quality players to Frankfurt.