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08-12-2009, 01:07 PM
Another step in the right direction for the Brazilian basketball. CBB just approved a new rule that limit the terms for elected positions to one re-election, this will prevent us to have another "dictactorship" like Gerasime Bozikis' one.

Here is a Google translation of the article.

Rio de Janeiro / RJ - The Extraordinary General Meeting (AGE) of the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB) held on Monday (10th) in the auditorium of the Everest Rio Hotel, in Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, brought together 24 presidents of the 27 State Federations affiliated to discuss and approve changes in the status of the entity. Reelection, Vice-Chair, Advisory Board and financial commitments were some of the topics approved unanimously by presidents who attended the AGE.

- Supported the proposals of campaign that we already have and the new Statute of the CBB. Among the main amendments adopted is the definition of which can only be a re-election and also change the month for elections, ahead of May to February. The inscriptions on the plates can be made until 30 days before. The Vice-President will be busy at the moment, by a person, but later someone will be elected. The Advisory Board will be comprised of eight members, representing the four regions (North, Northeast, Midwest and South / Southeast). The administration in charge can not assume financial commitments beyond the period of office. These were the main issues addressed in the Assembly - said the chairman of the CBB Carlos Nunes.

Link (http://www.cbb.com.br/noticias/showrelease.asp?artigo=6332)