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08-11-2009, 06:20 PM

I am looking for some info (position, height, weight) on these teams players.

Rui Chumbo
Pedro Monteiro
Joao Sieca
Luis Gomez
Mario Leitao
Pedro Neves
Helder Seabra
Antonio Pires
Mike Plowden
Steve Rocha
Luis Silva
Jose Silvestre

Massimo Isotta
Michel Luginbuhl
Philippe Fragniere
Daniel Lopez
Fabrice Bertoncini
Renato Maggi
Philippe Gay
Igor Gojanovic
Georges Stoianov
Claude Morard
Gary Grimes
Norbert Valis

Martin Jansson

Zoran Golc
Zarko Durisic

Gerasimos Tzakis
Mihai Corui

Dzintar Jaunzems

Mark Keenan
Adrian Fulton
John Burke
Frank Powell
Karl Butler
Gareth Maguire
John Brennan
Mark Ellis
Paschal Brennan
Thomas Casey
Sean McDonagh
Ken Sullivan

Magnus Matthiasson
Axel Nikulasson
Jon Gislason

Stanislav Kaminek

Iordan Kolev
Robert Gergov
Ventzislav Slavov
Plamen Petrov
Ivan Borisov

Pandush Palko
Artomen Capaliku
Adrian Selmani
Arenc Shalshi
Arben Pasha
Gazmend Caci
Arjan Bacova

Thank you!

08-12-2009, 05:12 PM
Rui Chumbo
Pedro Monteiro (F, 1.92m)
João Seiça (F)
Luís Gomes
Mário Leitão
Pedro Neves (G, 1.85m)
Hélder Seabra
António Pires
Mike Plowden (F/C 2.00m)
Steve Rocha (C, 2.03m)
Luís Silva (C, 2.00m
José Silvestre (C, 2.05m)

08-16-2009, 02:10 AM
Thanks rik!

Hopefully others will be able to help.

05-13-2010, 05:36 PM
How very surprising that someone would be interested in a Swedish bench player from the early 90s. I was indeed part of the Swedish team that made a terrible tournament in the qualification tournament for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Obviously we didn't make it to the actual Olympics. From my point of view, the most memorable episode of that tounament (which took place in Bilbao) was that I hooked up with a beautiful Spanish girl the last couple of days...

Anyway here are the stats you asked for:

Position: 4 or 5 (F/C or C)
Height: 6'10'' (208 cm)
Weight: 215 pounds (97 kg)

Best regards,

JRS Bonnet
11-30-2012, 12:53 AM
This is an old thread and I don’t know if you are still interested, but here it goes:

1992 Portuguese NT

Rui Chumbo (G, 1.82, 1964)
Pedro Nuno (G, 1.90, 1971)*
João Seiça (SF, 1.98, 1962)
Luís Machado (SG/SF, 1.94, 1974)**
Mário Leite (PG, 1.85, 1965)***
Pedro Miguel (PG, 1.85, 1968)****
Hélder Seabra (SG, 1.87, 1972)
Alexandre Pires (SF, 2.02, 1970)*****
Mike Plowden (PF/C, 2.00, 1958)
Steve Rocha (PF/C, 2.03, 1960)
Luís Silva (PF, 2.01, 1974)
José Silvestre (C, 2.05, 1964)


* Full name: Pedro Nuno dos Santos M. Monteiro. He’s known to the basketball world as Pedro Nuno. He’s now an assistant coach in Mexico.
** Luís Miguel Machado Gomes, a.k.a. Luís Machado.
*** Mário Leite, the A.D. Ovarense’s historical PG, and not Mário Leitão.
**** Pedro Miguel Rodrigues Neves, a.k.a. Pedro Miguel.
***** António Alexandre Bento dos Reis Pires, a.k.a. Alexandre Pires.

Sorry for all the corrections. If you need more information on this team, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

01-26-2013, 06:25 AM
Just saw this, wow I really appreciate it, I will update my list accordingly!