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  1. The Best is yet to come (Ukic, Spanoulis, Schortsanitis, Mile Ilic, Navarro, Scola)
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  13. 2006 Euro young player of the year
  14. Need help!
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  18. Obradović and Maljković against European talent waste in the NBA
  19. Best current european PG
  20. Real Madrid vs Jugoplastika friendly game
  21. 1997 European uniforms
  22. Who is better? Arvydas or Dirk?
  23. Best current european CENTER
  24. Best SF in europe
  25. Foreigner restriction in domestic leagues
  26. Who is the greatest European player ever?
  27. SEE games - Thessaloniki 2007?
  28. FIBA European Players of 2007
  29. European Union NT
  30. NT or A CLUB?
  31. Nike International Junior Tournament
  32. Mediterranean Games AND BALKAN GAMES RESULT
  33. Qualification 2008 B division
  34. George Gervin on European Basketball
  35. Worst Free Throw Shooters in Europe?
  36. Vote for FIBA Europe player of 2008
  37. 2008 European champions by country
  38. Unbelievable but true, turkey basketball federation don't care about fiba regulation
  39. Your likable NT
  40. Best Europeans of 00's!
  41. Spain (clubs) stealing kids from ex Yugoslavia
  42. TV Right contracts of the European basketball leagues
  43. 1992 NT's
  44. Where are they?
  45. Which is the 2nd strongest league in Europe?
  46. Basketball trophies per country
  47. Biggest underachievers in Europe?
  48. Best Center originated from europe
  49. FIBA Europe Opens New Home
  50. FIBA Europe and Cyprus Basketball Federation move against www.eurobasket.com
  51. FIBA Europe Player of the Year
  52. 90's or 00's?
  53. Best european coach?
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  55. National Cups - Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, France, Germany
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  58. OT: Oly fans go berserk on Bodiroga
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  61. New "Mediterranean League"
  62. FIBA Europe Player of the Year 2010
  63. FIBA Europe Young Player of the Year 2010
  64. 2010 European champions by country
  65. European zones coming?
  66. Most underrated European players
  67. Gordan Giricek vs. Juan Carlos Navarro
  68. FIBA Europe Player of the Year 2011
  69. FIBA Europe Young Player of the Year 2011
  70. European basketball 2011 review
  71. Revolution in FIBA Europe, as Zanolin dismissed
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  73. Dejan Bodiroga new president of FIBA Europe???
  74. FIBA Europe President Rafnsson passes away
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  77. Player naturalisations
  78. Europe's newest unicorns
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  80. Jazz assistant Igor Kokoskov agrees to become Suns' head coach