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  1. Vikas Uppal: 17 years, 8-foot 3-in (2.51m), and 450 lbs
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  18. More Job Opportunities in Canada
  19. Yi's celebrity friends got engaged in Nets game
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  21. The Event Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight
  22. "Ping Pong Playa" --a comedy from Asian America
  23. Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist
  24. Kyrgyzstan riots
  25. China's most famous WWII general was a basketbal star
  26. corpse walk to their own grave in Funeral Ceremony in Toraja
  27. Chinese historical dramas in the Philippines?
  28. Name some Asian actresses you like
  29. Earthquake in China's Tibetan region, thousands dead
  30. Asian Cuisine : Your country's and your faves
  31. China stripped of 2000 Olympic Medal for Underaged Athlete
  32. sinobball your're my enemy
  33. Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih, the 2nd Miss USA from Lebanese origin
  34. Two-year-old Indonesian toddler smokes 40 cigarettes a day
  35. Japanese Anime and Manga
  36. 2010 Asian Games (other sports)
  37. Asian Rugby
  38. Saying sorry to China with Sex
  39. Japanese city bans beard to save energy
  40. Feelings about multiracial and/or foreign-born Asians?
  41. Futbol (Soccer Forums)
  42. The Accomplishments of P.Noy
  43. Asian basketball WaGs
  44. Forget about Shaq's Human Bowling, Mengke Bateer can throw Human Dominoes
  45. Lebanon tries to retain Arabic in polyglot culture
  46. Lebanese off topic thread
  47. China's Larissa Riquelme (thanks to Ivory Coast and Puerto Rico)
  48. Capital Cities in Asia
  49. US: Inverted Philippine flag was `honest mistake'
  50. Miss Interbasket
  51. Pacquiao vs. Margarito
  52. Reproductive Health (RH) Bill
  53. Tyson plans to be a boxing ambassador in China
  54. Strong typhoon blows for Philippines
  55. BATISTA at MMA
  56. Travelling to other Asian countries.
  57. Filipino and Lebanese diaspora
  58. Olympic World
  59. 2 Tornados in my city
  60. Asian Cup Predictions?
  61. Other Fil-Foreign Prospects(Football Edition)
  62. IBN Asian Awards!
  63. Philippine Volleyball
  64. Seeking job as coach
  65. homeless man with the golden voice can pass for Filipino
  66. Red Horse Beer
  67. College Football (UAAP,NCAA and others)
  68. I can't wait to see this movie
  69. Anyone here interested in selling their high-end cars? i have a buyer..sure taker po!
  70. Chinese mothers shoot basketball better than you
  71. Pacquiao vs Mosley
  72. Asian Music Scene
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  74. Donaire KO Montiel in RD 2
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  76. Texas Hold'em POKER, anyone?
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  79. Robots in Taiwan can shoot basketball better than you
  80. The Guardian: China Goes Wild for 3D Porn Flick
  81. China Decides to Ban Time Travel
  82. Philippine Boxing
  83. Governance in Philippines
  84. the sport of pigeon racing
  85. Pba 2k11
  86. The spratly dispute
  87. China considers recognizing dual nationality
  88. Tennis in the Philippines
  89. FIBA ASIA in NBA 2k11 PS3!!!
  90. Pacquiao vs Marquez III
  91. Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation
  92. New Indonesian martial art movie "The Raid" make a buzz in Toronto
  93. Pinoy Superman
  94. PBA W.A.G.'s (Wives And Girlfriends)
  95. Tebow (NFL star QB) is a Filipino!
  96. Kim Jong-Un Basketball Junkie
  97. Is this Ri Myung Hun?
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  109. Kidnap fishing boat > killing
  110. Vietnam to spend $288.5 million to get taller
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  112. The Secret Weapon of the Filipinos
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  116. best poker website
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  121. The Philippine National Football Teams (Azkals, etc.)
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  126. By the way those early vision screenings
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  130. The Rodrigo Duterte Thread
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  134. Philippines isn't Asian
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  136. Pres. Duterte's Policy on the West Phi Sea dispute with China
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  138. I have a question. I am planning to update my height on my LTO License