The Netball World Cup Bracket for 2019 Tournament

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The Netball World Cup brings together 16 nations from around the world every four years to compete in 10-day tournament to crown the World Champion of netball.

Governed by the International Netball Federation (INF), the 2019 competition is the 15th edition of the premier international netball tournament and is being held from July 12 to July 21,  2019 at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England.

Printable Netball World Cup Bracket

Much like other competition brackets with the World Cup namesake, the netball tournament teams are drawn into groups. From there, there are three somewhat complicated stages of play.  Ultimately the 16 teams are whittled down into a standard four team single elimination bracket.

The two losers during the playoff stage of the tournament will meet in the third place game to determine which teams comes in third place and which comes in fourth. The twelve teams outside of this foursome will compete to figure out placement from 5th place all the way to the last position (16th).

Netball isn’t one of the world’s most-popular sports, but it’s a one of the many sports that are played predominantly by women, and is one of the sports that require a net.

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