Printable 2019 Women’s World Cup Bracket for the Knockout Stage of the Tournament

Now that the ‘group stage’ or ‘group play’ of the Women’s World Cup bracket has completed, eight of the twenty-four teams with the lowest cumulative points during that group play are eliminated from the tournament. That leaves 16 FIFA Women’s National Teams with the highest point totals that move on to World Cup’s next round.

How Does the World Cup Knockout Stage Work?

This next stage is known officially as the ‘knockout round’ and begins on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 where the sixteen remaining teams are matched up and placed into a typical 16-team single-elimination bracket.

At this stage of the game, the tournament moves from a round robin format to a straight-up, single elimination bracket.  In other words, that means that every match matters.  In the Knockout Stage, once a team has a misstep or has an off game and loses, they’re eliminated from the 2019 Women’s World Cup tournament.

There are three games on the first day of the elimination phase; beginning with Germany playing Nigeria in the Knockout phase’s first game. That’s followed by Norway taking on Australia, and England vs. Cameroon. Here’s the bracket with the eight match-ups for the 2019 tournament:

With a single-elimination format and sixteen teams that means the World Cup at this stage will divide the tournament field in the remaining four rounds of play, from 16 teams to 8 teams to 4 teams to 2 teams to one World Cup Champion.

The U.S. Women’s team is still the favorite after finishing the Group Stage with a 3-0 record — including their 13-0 win over Thailand. They’re the defending champions and as of this post are the best bet to become champions again. The other teams that are serious contenders according to Five Thirty Eight are tournament hosts France, Germany, The Netherlands, and England.

Printable Women’s World Cup Bracket – Knockout Stage

As we did with the Group Stage of the Women’s World Cup, we’re providing you the options of printing out the updated bracket for this next stage of the tournament. In addition to the below black and white format, we have the FIFA Women’s World Cup bracket in three different versions. Check it.

FIFA World Cup Bracket Blank 2019

If you’d like to print out the above B & W version, you can do so in image format (PNG), we also have the black and white bracket in printable PDF.

For the seeded, filled out bracket you found at the middle of this post (theone with the countries and flags in the bracket) you can go here for the image format or print it out in PDF here.  To download, view, and print out the color version of the above bracket you saw at he beginning of this page — the one with the border —  we have that in both layouts and formats for you to choose. Here’s the high-resolution PNG image file and the printer-friendly PDF.

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