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Printable World Cup Brackets

printable world cup brackets 2019-20

When someone mentions “The World Cup” many think of the the international sporting event for football (soccer) that engulfs the world in face paint, unfurled flags, chants and national pride. That’s because the World Cup is the largest football competition and has used the name, that it’s now synonymous with the brand.

Officially, the FIFA World Cup is a month-long football tournament that brings together dozens of nations every four years to compete in a worldwide round-robin tournament.

But did you know there are other World Cups? In fact there are nearly 150 World Cup designations across several sports. From baseball to basketball, roller derby to fencing, Equestrian to chess, check out this list from Wikipedia to browse the numerous World Cups.

And with the major World Cups, including FIFA’s and FIBA, there are two stages. The first stage being the round robin, group stage of the tournament where teams play against their group. Those that fare the best in that stage will advance on to the Knockout Stage of the bracket. In the Men’s and Women’s FIFA World Cup, the ‘Knockout’ has a field of 16 teams.

Upcoming World Cup Tournament + Brackets

Despite there being dozens of tournaments that use the name “World Cup” only a dozen qualify as an international sporting events in that they’re viewership, participation, funding and are run by large organization committees. Here’a a list of the upcoming World Cup tournaments.

Upcoming World Cup Tournament Schedule
Org Sport Event Month Next Bracket
ICC Cricket Cricket World Cup May-Jul 2019 PDF
FIFA Football Women's World Cup Jun-Jul 2019 View
CONCACAF Football Men's Gold Cup Jun-Jul 2019 Print
FIBA Basketball Men's U19 FIBA World Cup July 2019 Live
INF Netball Netball World Cup July 2019 Here
FIBA Basketball Men's FIBA World Cup Aug-Sep 2019 Here
FIBA Basketball Women's World Cup Sep 2022 N/A
FIFA Football Men's World Cup Nov-Dec 2022 N/A

The World Cup is usually associated with the sport of football and FIFA, the international organization that oversees the both the men’s and women’s World Cup tournament. The FIBA World Cup is the basketball-equivalent of the tournament and for the first 60 years of that competition (1950-2010) it was officially known as the FIBA World Championship. In 2011, the organizing body decided to align it with the popular World Cup brand.

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