Volleyball Tournament Brackets

Volleyball was created as a less-strenuous version of basketball, volleyball was created in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1895.

Seventy years later, the sport grew and was introduced as an official sport in the Olympics in 1964. The sport is extremely popular for both the men’s and women’s side — both feature a 12-team tournament bracket.

Now there are volleyball tournaments happening at high schools, primary and secondary schools, colleges and recreational leagues around the world. One of the more well-known volleyball tournament is the Women’s NCAA D1 Volleyball tournament that occurs every year around the end of November. That bracket ends in the volleyball championship game in the middle of December.

Volleyball Tournament: Blank Bracket Templates

Like many team sports tournaments, a volleyball tournament pits numbers of teams in several rounds of games in single or double-elimination games until there’s only one team standing. A bracket usually has a minimum of three games, but when the tournament field fields more teams, the more rounds come are needed to accommodate those teams.

For all the other tournaments that fall under those big-time tourneys, we’ve created these blank brackets for any number of teams in your tournament. Here are some examples of our blank, single-elimination brackets based on how many teams participating in a volleyball tourney. Click on any to view that particular bracket page.

Once the volleyball participant field is set and games begin, there may be an initial round of play-games to even out the bracket.

In a single-elimination tournament, when all the play-in games are complete, the completion of each tournament round should then see the field of teams halved. The more teams in the tournament field, the more rounds there are, and the field is usually divided into two halves with the winner advancing closer and closer to the championship game. The tournament teams continue playing and the team that goes throughout the tournament without losing will be crowned the champion.

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