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Printable ‘Sweet 16’ bracket for the 2019 NCAA tournament

Sweet 16 NCAA bracket blank

Click for the updated Sweet 16 bracket with seeds.

The NCAA tournament is in full swing with expected wins and some unexpected upsets have surely occurred in the first round. The second round will have just as many surprises. That said, we’re already thinking about the later rounds. Specifically, when sixteen teams that will compose what is commonly known as college basketball’s “Sweet 16” or officially, the NCAA Regional Semi-Finals.

Yes the “Sweet Sixteen” also refers to a teenager’s 16th birthday, but we’re talking about the eight games in this part of the bracket that will feature a mix of 16 teams vying for one of the eight spots in the next round — the Elite Eight.  With that, we’ve created a pretty-sweet Sweet 16 bracket (if we may say so ourselves) that’s blank and ready to download, print and do whatever your heart desires.

At this point, we don’t know how things will turn out after the second round cuts the field in half – like Thanos halving the numbers of humanity — from that round. We do know that if the past is any indication, this year’s tournament Sweet Sixteen will feature many teams that have won NCAA championships in the past, as well as coaches that have helmed teams to the Final Four.

If you’re here looking for a Sweet 16 bracket, we assume you may not have selected your teams yet, so keep those two little “experience matters” tidbits in mind. In any case, we’ve provided a blank bracket for you.

2019 Sweet 16 Bracket and Schedule

With 16-teams, the “Round of 16” as it’s officially called, is known better by it’s unofficial, more-popular name of the Sweet Sixteen.

Though we’re not certain which teams are playing, we do know where and when the Sweet 16 will be played and that this round is divided into quadrants regionally.  The third round of the NCAA tournament will eliminate another eight teams. Here’s when and where the Sweet Sixteen bracket will play out in the 2019 NCAA tournament.

Sweet Sixteen 2019 Schedule
Day Date Regional Arena City State Host
Thursday Mar 28  West Regional  Honda Center  Anaheim California Big West
Thursday Mar 28  South Regional  KFC Yum! Center  Louisville Kentucky University of Louisville
Friday Mar 29  East Regional  Capital One Arena  Washington D.C. Georgetown University
Friday Mar 29 Midwest Regional  Sprint Center  Kansas City Missouri Missouri Valley Conference

Once the regional semi-finals (another technical name for sweet 16) is over, the eight remaining teams stays in that region and plays out the next round.

NCAA Schedule from Sweet 16 to Elite 8:

Here’s a quick look at the the next round of the March Madness tournament schedule after the regional semifinal rounds

2019 Elite Eight Schedule
Day Date Regional Arena City State Host
Sat Mar 30 West Region  Honda Center  Anaheim California Big West
Sat Mar 30 South Region  KFC Yum! Center  Louisville Kentucky University of Louisville
Sun Mar 31 East Region  Capital One Arena  Washington D.C. Georgetown University
Sun Mar 31 Midwest Region  Sprint Center  Kansas City Missouri Missouri Valley Conference

After all this regional action, the teams move onto Minneapolis, Minnesota to play the Final Four and championship game on April 8th, 2019.

It’s amazing to think about all the close games, celebrations, upsets and heartbreak that will have gotten us to the Sweet Sixteen. It must feel great to be one of those programs; knowing that more than 75% of teams have been eliminated and you are one of the cream of the crop.

Whether you got to the Round of 32 by defeating last year’s champion, taking down a #1 seed, hitting an off-balance jumper you practiced all your life, or by hitting a desperation three from 30 feet away. This college basketball tournament, like the ones before it, will certainly be memorable in it’s own right.

Printable Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Looking over the internet, there weren’t many brackets that were created specifically for the Sweet 16 — just larger March Madness brackets that included the first and second rounds. And the brackets that were available weren’t that great. Because of that dearth of NCAA brackets for the popular and famous Sweet Sixteen round, we created a couple different versions that were blank and easily-printable for the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

The Sweet 16 bracket offerings are available in several formats including Microsoft Word, PDF bracket or in the high-res image you see below.

Sweet 16 NCAA bracket blank

The great thing about this bracket is that there’s nothing on it that marks it up; no year to make it time-specific and no brackets are populated. We did add some general logos to the bracket, but they won’t stop you from using our Sweet 16 bracket for 2019 and years to come. We’ve also included a 16-team bracket without any of the logos or branding, so you can use that for your eight game, single elimination tournaments below:

16 team single elim tournament bracket (blank)

For a blank and printable Elite Eight bracket, go here. You are so obsessed and crazed and mad (British meaning) about all this tournament stuff and we love you for it.

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