NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

NHL Playoff bracket

Once the 2018–19 NHL season ends on Saturday, April 6th, 2019, the league will get a few days off before the Stanley Cup playoffs will kick off on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. The NHL postseason will go until June when the Stanley Cup will be raised by the team that wins four playoff series.

The National Hockey League’s playoffs is commonly referred to as the “Stanley Cup playoffs” and is an elimination tournament that begins with 16 teams — eight teams from each conference — attempting to advance on to the next round in four best-of-seven series. The fourth and final round of these playoffs is the Stanley Cup Final, which pits the conference champions against one another for the Stanley Cup trophy.

2019 NHL Playoff Tournament Bracket

The NHL Stanley Cup Tournament bracket will be finalized once the regular season ends in early April. From there, the teams will be seeded based on their win/loss records and the points they’ve accumulated during the 82 game season.

The first round’s bracket consists of the six division winners (three from each conference) and one wild card team from each conference. From there, teams advance through the bracket when they’re able to reach four wins in the second round, the conference finals, and into the championship Stanley Cup Final. We’ve provided a blank and printable NHL bracket below.

You can download and print out the above bracket by clicking on download. Here you can view and print out the bracket in a high-resolution image, in clear and blank PDF format, or in Microsoft Word document.

As with the last several seasons, the NHL playoffs will be broadcast on NBC Sports’ networks of channels including NBC, NBCSN, CBC, and USA.

Stanley Cup Champions

This season the Tampa Bay Lightning have the best record in the league. With 53 wins as of this post, they’re far and away the best team in the league with no other team within 10 wins of the Nikita Kucherov-led franchise. Last season the Washington Capitols won their first Stanley Cup in their 43-year history in the league. The Capitols were led by superstar Alex Ovechkin. Here is a list of the winners of the last ten Stanley Cups:

Stanley Cup Champions the Last Decade
Year Champion Defeated 2nd Place
2018 Washington Capitals 4–1 Vegas Golden Knights
2017 Pittsburgh Penguins 4–2 Nashville Predators
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins 4–2 San Jose Sharks
2015 Chicago Blackhawks 4–2 Tampa Bay Lightning
2014 Los Angeles Kings 4–1 New York Rangers
2013 Chicago Blackhawks 4–2 Boston Bruins
2012 Los Angeles Kings 4–2 New Jersey Devils
2011 Boston Bruins 4–3 Vancouver Canucks
2010 Chicago Blackhawks 4–2 Philadelphia Flyers
2009 Pittsburgh Penguins 4–3 Detroit Red Wings

For those NHL cities that speak French, the Stanley Cup playoffs is called Les séries éliminatoires de la Coupe Stanley

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