Printable NFL Playoff Bracket: Blank, fillable for 2019-20 NFL season

2020 NFL playoff bracket

As 2020 comes closer and closer, we can feel the hype of the 2020 NFL playoff bracket building up. Thanks to predictions, we know a lot about the favorite teams to win their spot on the bracket, and even more, win the whole Super Bowl 54. Are you ready to make your own predictions?

The 2020 NFL playoff bracket will be action-packed

Not even a single second passes without hardcore NFL fans thinking about their favorite teams to appear in 2020s Super Bowl 54. Not only the teams have shown some amazing feats in the past 14 weeks, but for week 15, we can expect some major highlights from teams like the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers, and others. And, as mere fans, we can simply prepare to the best – and the worse – in advance.

If you want to make your own predictions, print them, and brag about how your team will make it to the Super Bowl 54, we have exactly what you need; the 2020 NFL playoff bracket.

Super Bowl 54 playoff bracket

This fillable bracket offers you the opportunity to make the most exciting guesses based on your opinions or, if you’re a true fan, on your expert professional analysis of the game. You can easily do it by simply studying this season’s battlefield, keeping up with points and highlight games from the best teams, and more.

Make the best predictions for the 2020 Super Bowl finals

The excitement grows among fans, and with intense opinions that grant some teams interesting advantages on paper, things get heated immediately. The best way of proving them wrong is by making your own thesis on the matter. Even though there are some algorithm-based predictions, you can base yours completely on your instincts.

With this empty 2020 Super Bowl bracket, you’ll be able to fill in the names of the best teams that will make it to the final version. Also, you’ll be able to guess further and name a champion in it. After that, you can easily share it through your social media. Expect some naysayers along the way though.

Download the best version of the 2020 NFL playoff bracket in PDF

Here at Interbasket we respect everyone’s opinion. That’s why we actually love to give you the right tools for you to showcase that opinion – in this case in form of Super Bowl predictions – in the most civilized possible way. With that being said, you can easily download your 2020 NFL Super Bowl bracket here.

2020 NFL playoff bracket


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