When is this Selection Sunday this year? March 15, 2020 will kick off March Madness.

March Madness Selection Sunday 2020

March Madness is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and every year the tournament is kicked off with an event called Selection Sunday.

That’s no different for the 2020 tournament. By the time of the show, the highly-organized selection process has been completed and during the NCAA Tournament Selection Show, they’ll reveal the participants for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Only the best of the best make it into the final 68 bracket, which includes the First Four that will have to fight their way into the final 64.

When is Selection Sunday in 2020?

Selection Sunday will take place on March 15, and you’ll be able to see it live starting at 6 pm (Eastern Time) on TBS and on NCAA’s March Madness live broadcast. This year, the NCAA will be using the newly implemented NET system, which will replace last year’s selection system RPI. It has been developed taking into account many different experts of Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, expert coaches, and even Google Cloud Professional Services.

Selection Sunday is March 15, 2020

This can ensure one thing; luck will no longer play a part in the selection of your favorite team. Only pure skill and the resulting stats of each game will determine whether a team makes it into the bracket, or if he’s got train harder for next year.

If you’re thinking of making a bracket of your own, you’ll probably have to fill our blank bracket with only the best teams of the post-season. If you’re thinking of some bracket betting at your favorite sportsbooks then you should begin looking over the potential tournament field, reading up on predictions in order to get a sense of what teams have the best chances of advancing through the several stages of the tournament. 

Selection Sunday 2020 process

The new NET system for March Madness 2020.

The NET system has been in development since last year when it was finally approved in July by the NCAA. This will be the first iteration of the tournament to use it. 

The NET system relies on different factors like game result prediction, scoring margin, and even defensive and offensive efficiency. Learn more about the new NET ranking system.

This is the most efficient way of selecting the best teams to deserve an at-large bid. This means that the days leading up to Selection Sunday will be filled with (at least) part of this thorough selection process. As of now, the evaluation process must have started checking the data of each team, creating models and predictions. The creators of this system have tested it with games of last season until it proved to be accurate enough.

Today (Feb. 25) is exactly 20 days remain for Selection Sunday to arrive. Are you counting the days? Check out the scheudle for each game, so you can start planning your schedule to watch them on time.

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