Print out this blank March Madness bracket for 2020 N.C.A.A. Tournament

Blank March Madness bracket 2020

March Madness is around the corner, and this year’s tournament will be on fire from the First Four to the Final Four; are you ready to fill our Blank March Madness Bracket for NCAA 2020 with your predictions?

If you’re a hardcore MM fan like we are here at Interbasket, you probably have been following the AP and USA Today rankings of your favorite teams, and hoping they make it into the bracket field on Selection Sunday.

Blank March Madness Bracket for NCAA 2020

With our Blank March Madness Bracket 2020, you’ll be able to make the predictions of this year’s final 64 teams, plus the First Four teams to fight their way into the bracket. Each conference had a few interesting and dominating teams that you can probably write down for sure.

Teams from the Big Ten conference are used to sending a large contingent to this 2020’s tournament, and with the big successes of those teams during the postseason, we’ll surely see some amazing competitions. If you’re interested in seeing what the schedule of dates, cities, and sites for the different stages of this year’s tournament, you can easily download it here.

How to make predictions?

True fans of basketball have been paying attention to different stats, percentages, games, and more vital data that they will ultimately pour into their predictions. Still, many of us believe in luck, which is why you can make your predictions by heart. Still, if you’re planning to bet some money on this, a little bit of research will allow you to make some good predictions. This is especially true if you’re aware of the NET system used by the NCAA during Selection Sunday.

We recommend that you do this:

  • Check out ESPN‘s NCAA standings or the official NCAA standings of this season.
  • Pay attention to all the different stats and data for each conference.
  • Aside from the most obvious automatic bids, concentrate on making the at-large predictions.
  • Download our printable Blank March Madness Bracket or the XLSX version. It’s different from last year’s version.
  • Write down your predictions and start talking about them with your friends.

March Madness 2020 printable blank bracket excel

You can download this file whenever you want so you can change your predictions as you please.

Download the best Blank March Madness Bracket 2020.

Below you’ll find three different versions and formats of the 2020 NCAA Tournament bracket. Make sure to pick the layout what suits you, as you select the teams you think have the best changes of advancing.

Click on the image to download JPG: Easy to edit in mobile devices and to post on social media after.


Blank March Madness bracket 2020

Click on the image to download JPG: Easy to edit in mobile devices and to post on social media after.

PDF: One-click to print.

XLSX: Fully customizable option using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Stay tuned with us at Interbasket so you can check out more updated information about 2020 March Madness tournament.



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