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Printable 32-team bracket for the second round of March Madness

There were 68 NCAA men’s basketball programs at the beginning of this year’s March Madness tournament.

A few days after Selection Sunday and that large field of sixty-eight teams has been cut by more than half now that the First Four and first round of the tournament results have been posted. The First Four and the first round of the tournament will cut the tournament field from 68 teams at the start to 64 teams and then that’s sliced in half to a 32 team bracket with the official completion of the first round of March Madness.

From 68 to 32 teams in one week

In this large culling of D1 basketball programs, it’s no surprise to see (and expect) lower seeds to be eliminated in the first round, but as we know, not every lower seed ends up losing. Upsets are the heart of the That would be too predictable. It’s highly rare to have to come out of the first round completely unscathed much less holding a perfect bracket as we advance into the deeper rounds.

March Madness isn’t just the buzzer beaters and Cinderella’s, it’s the lower-seeded smaller schools defeating higher-seeded big-name programs in dramatic fashion that are the moments seared into our college-basketball loving brains. It’s not called March Madness because it makes sense.

And there’s very little time to breathe after the first round. The tournament doesn’t stop to mourn the NCAA teams, the teams that advance on Thursday will have one day to rest and should be prepared to meet their next opponent that Saturday.

Printable 2nd Round of March Madness bracket

For those of you that are getting a late start to this year’s March Madness and missed out on the first round (or if you are just looking to a clean start to the second round of NCAA tournament), we’ve designed a couple different 32-team options for you to view, choose, download, print and begin catching up to the tourney’s later rounds.

As you can see, both versions are simple, white background, blank 32-team tournament brackets. Each one has a different (yet official) March Madness logo and borders.

Nearly a week after the 68-team field was announced for this year’s March Madness, the tournament goes into their second week with just 16 teams. To print out one of the brackets from above, you can click here to download the first version (Final Four logo) here in PDF or in image file format. To download the latter version, you can view and print the PDF version here or download the image (JPEG) version by clicking here.

From here, those 32 teams will fight to reach the coveted round of 16 otherwise known as the Sweet Sixteen. We have those brackets available for you, too.

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