Here’s 37 March Madness bracket designs you can print out for the NCAA basketball tournament

Even in today’s technological age, there’s nothing quite like having your March Madness bracket printed out on paper. That’s why, each march, the big sports sites like ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and still produce printable versions of the NCAA Tournament bracket.

Every big sports website will have their own free, printable tournament bracket, whether blank or filled-out brackets with all the seedings. Most will allow you the ability to print the bracket out on an 8 x 11 piece of paper so you can fill out your choices with a pen (not a pencil).

If  you are into predicting how the bracketology will work out this year, while others will provide a fair amount of functionality to enter and save your picks once the pairings are released. The following is a gallery and listing of the March Madness we’ve produced as well as some of the better-known printable brackets available to use for this year’s tournament.

How are teams and seeds chosen for March Madness

Selection Sunday is when the NCAA Selection Committee comes to together and chooses the remaining teams that didn’t qualify with automatic bids. The committee will not only select the teams that will make up the field of 68, but will also place them into regions and assign them their seedings – the higher the seed, the lower  Discuss the NCAA Tournament in our college basketball forum

Your printable NCAA Tournament Brackets

Here’s a gallery of printable brackets that were designed by Interbasket (with some provided by the biggest names in American sports). It’s mostly subjective with a bias towards our brackets, but we provide several options from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, NCAA, The Sporting News and Yahoo. Find a bracket you like? Click on any of the images to download and print them out in PDF or image format before this year’s March Madness schedule kicks off.

We located these brackets and linked them throughout this post as a resource for NCAA college basketball fans who want to print out this year’s NCAA D1 men’s basketball tournament bracket for free.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is part of the Turner Sports Network. It’s off that they don’t have an actual landing page for their bracket as other major websites do. At least I couldn’t locate it. However, they have a PDF of their printable bracket. Click the tournament bracket below to print out the PDF.

NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket Sports Illustrated


As expected, the sports leader ESPN has their printable offerings ready to be printed out and filled out by all the office jockeys. At, you can get their free printable March Madness bracket in PDF, GIF, and you could also print out on-screen.  Print your 2014 College Basketball Tournament Bracket

Every year, ESPN also runs their ESPN’s Tournament Challenge which pits you against other bracket pickers. If you have the best bracket, you have the chance to win a $10,000 Best Buy gift card. Tournament Bracket

When available, get the information directly from the horse’s mouth. IN this case, get your bracket from the source when it comes to March Madness. For the tournament, the N.C.A.A. always has a version of the printable bracket in PDF format, as one would expect.

It’s free in the sense that it won’t cost you a thing to download and print it, but it does come with  tournament sponsor’s logo on each bracket. Maybe after you finish your bracket, you’ll want to buy a Buick or watch TruTV!

Printable March Madness Tournament Bracket (

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo is known for their fantasy sports, so it’s also popular for college basketball. Of course, Yahoo Sports will also have their online NCAA Basketball Brackets. Yahoo made a huge splash when they announced The Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge that would award $1 billion dollars to anyone that selected the perfect tourney bracket — that’s if you can get registered before the exclusive 15 million entries they’re accepting. Good luck.

CBS Sports

It’s natural that college basketball fans will print out the tournament bracket from the network who runs Selection Sunday and is responsible for covering March Madness. That network is CBS and CBS Sports provides their printable bracket. CBS Sports also offers a free bracket manager for you to follow your own bracket challenge for the NCAA Tournament. Click the CBS’ bracket image to download and print out the PDF.

Printable NCAA Tournament Brackets (CBS Sports)

The Sporting News

The Sporting News is increasingly becoming less of an influence, but the sports news magazine and website also put out their own March Madness brackets to keep up with the other big boys.