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Printable 9 team double elimination bracket

9 team double elimination bracket

A 9 team double elimination bracket is a rare version of the double-elimination system for tournaments. Learn more about it here.

9 team double elimination bracket

The 9 team double elimination bracket is a rather weird variation of the double-elimination system because, at least most of the time, they are created with even numbers (like 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.). This makes this specific bracket a little bit confusing and harder to organize in some cases. Why? Well, first, this is the only uneven type of bracket that starts with a single match.

In this case, the first match is the one that sets the pace of the rest of the tournament by starting the loser’s bracket with the first loser. The winner then advances to the next phase of the bracket, which is conducted similarly to an 8 team bracket. After that, rules are the same.

Who uses the 9 team double elimination bracket?

This type of bracket is not commonly used in official competitions, especially because such competitions often favor an even number of competitors or teams. Additionally, single-elimination tournaments are much easier to organize, making the appearance of the 9 team bracket really rare.

You better keep track

Still, this type of system often used in amateur competitions of any discipline to organize events when the number of teams is not even. It’s highly convenient to keep track of the games played though. There’s also the surprise factor that might add a match to the tournament. This happens when the finalist of the winner’s bracket loses in the last competition. It’s obvious that this team or player has won all of the games so far to remain in the winner’s bracket, so if this happens, he’s got the right to a second match.


9 team double elimination bracket

Download our blank 9 team D.E. bracket

As you see, it’s important to keep track of the tournaments. That’s why we offer the customizable version in Microsoft Excel format for more convenience. Using the XLXs files, you’ll be able to directly add names of players or teams or simply spaces to edit them once printed.

9 team double elimination bracket

You can easily download the brackets free here in three different formats: PDF, JPG, and Excel.

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