9 Team single-elimination tournament bracket

9-team bracket


What does a single-elimination, tournament bracket look like that’s one team short of ten teams?

You’ll need a 9-team tournament template that you can print out for all the teams as well as their friends and family so that every fan can follow the tournament and see the high-level view of the entire tourney field.

Our 9-team brackets are printer-ready and come in a couple of printable formats and layouts.

How 9-Team Tournament Brackets Work

The way that a 9-team bracket looks is very much similar to what a bracket looks like with seven teams. Due to the fact that the tournament bracket doesn’t have the standard 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 teams, your tournament will require some extra rounds for some teams/

The usual 9-team brackets will have four rounds of games that comes down to single champion.

In order to make the tournament move smoothly, there’s one play-in game. The lowest seed will have a play-in game and the winner will end up playing the top #1 seed.

Here’s some of our other tournament bracket you can view at to get a better idea of how the number of participating teams impacts how the tournament progresses:

9-team Bracket Seeding

With nine teams in your tournament, seeding is a lot more important. As we talked about, the first round is one play-in game between the lowest seeds in the tournament. In a nine-team tournament, that’s the #9 and #8 teams.  We created this table to help you visualize the seeds and first round games (and byes):

Printable Bracket with 9 Teams

Our single-elimination nine team tournament bracket allows you to download the bracket in a document format (in landscape) that’s simple to print out and fill in everything you need. To download the printable PDF version of our 9-team bracket, click here.

To download the bracket in PDF is the same link:

To download any our our brackets especially our PDF, download the latest Adobe Reader software is up to date so you won’t have problems with our tournament bracket.

If you’re into editing and personalizing the bracket to your specific tournament details, like adding in seeds, teams or logos, dates and times, and locations then please download the Microsoft Excel bracket to properly edit and fill in your tournament’s information.

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