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Printable 30 team double elimination bracket

30 team double elimination bracket

The 30 team double elimination bracket is a hard one to get and organize. Find out why this type of tournaments is an organizational challenge, and learn the uses of this type of bracket through historical sports events.

30 team double elimination bracket

We’ve been talking about double elimination brackets for a while, and as the number increases, things start to get trickier and trickier. Why? Since the double elimination tournament system doubles the number of matches each team has, this means that the brackets start growing out of control. Once we hit the 25 teams double elimination bracket, the amount of games goes up to a max of 49 matches. For the 30 team double elimination bracket, the number of matches reaches 58-59, which can become an organizational challenge for most.

30 team double elimination bracket
The bracket is so big, that it doesn’t fit one image. One more for the challenges.

After surpassing the 20 team number, things start to get official, this meaning that the use of these brackets is mostly institutional, like in official leagues. Still, these tournaments don’t always use double elimination.

Tournaments with 30 teams

There are no official tournaments that use the double elimination systems, and even less with 30 teams.

One of the most renowned is held in Argentina, by the AFA (Argentinean Football Association), for soccer leagues. The AFA has held tournaments with 30 teams more than once, the most recent one the was the First Division Championship, back in 2015. Even though this was a 30 team tourney, it used the round-robin system instead of the double elimination system. Ultimately, the system was thought to be a mistake.

There are no examples of the double elimination system being used in official competitions, still, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it to organize your own tournament with 30 teams.

Download the best 30 team D.E. bracket here

You can still apply this system to your local sports leagues or games of any kind. As long as you have 30 teams and want to use this system, you can. You will also improve the team’s experience, organizational tasks, and much more along the way.

30 team double elimination xlxs

Download them here in PDF, and XLXS format. 

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