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Fillable and printable 25-team single-elimination bracket

25-team single-elimination bracket

25-team single-elimination tournaments are one team ahead of the 24-team version, adding a little bit of difficulty to the organizational process. However, it can be done, just as we explained in our post about the 24-team single-elimination bracket. This bracket is not only useful, but it’s still one of the most efficient while carrying out a tourney. Learn more about it here.

25-team single-elimination bracket

Here at Interbasket we’re always supporting competitive events from sports like basketball, rugby, baseball, volleyball and more. Additionally, we also support E-sports, and other forms of competitive play like table games – poker, dominoes, or even monopoly. All of them are different ways of safeguarding human culture, and of sharing the amazing power that sports have to bring people together.  Health improvement, more engaged communities, and more are often mentioned as well.

25-team single-elimination bracket Young
The young ones are the ones who benefit the most from sports.

With that being said, hosting a tourney is not the easiest thing to do, even it’s based in something simple like dominoes.

There are many advantages of using this bracket

In cases like this, where you need a 25-team bracket, things can get complicated as the tournament advances. Also, it’s almost impossible to keep a mental image of the tourney for organizational purposes – that’s just nonsense. For that matter, the 25-team single-elimination bracket we can offer you solves all of the related issues. Additionally, it’s completely free to download, fully customizable, and easy to use for just about everyone.

Also, you can help your community by organizing more professional-looking tourneys with customized brackets. Form teams, play, gather donations and invest in your communities with the power of sport.

Download here the best printable 25-team single-elimination bracket

If you’re interested in making noticeable changes and improvements in your neighborhood or town, Interbasket has your back. Below you’ll find three different formats to download this bracket layout. Each one of them has interesting qualities that will help you with the organization of your tourney.

25-team single-elimination bracket mockup
We love to customize our own brackets.
  • Download here in JPG format: great to publish in social media to bring attention and create hype.
  • Download here in XLS format: fully customizable to add names and team logos
  • Download here in PDF format: easy to print out.


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