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Fillable 23 team double elimination bracket in PDF

23 team double elimination bracket

The 23 team double elimination bracket is barely used. Even though there aren’t many tourneys that use this number of teams, it’s a possibility. Thanks to the flexibility of the D.E system, this tourney is possible. Download the best fillable brackets here to conduct this tournament.

23 team double elimination bracket

Organizing a tournament with 23 teams can be an odd thing to do since there are no official tournaments that use this number of teams. This will directly affect how much organization work you will have while putting it together. To keep things simple, you can use the single elimination system, which will allow you to conduct the tournament quickly. The single-elimination and the double-elimination systems can be more useful than the other depending on your needs as the manager of your own tournament

23 team double elimination bracket players
Starting phase of the tournament.

Why this bracket?

One word can resume all the work you have to do to put a tourney together; logistics. You see, you’ll need many things (depending on the type of tournament) to host a successful tourney. Money, time, and effort are expenses that you can’t waste. Logistics are a vital part of any tournament, and saving as much time as you came is important. That’s why we offer you some help with this bracket.

And we haven’t even mentioned that there are many benefits that make this system highly useful. For example, this system is efficient, it has 44-45 matches, with 23 teams that will have at least 2 matches each. The challenge of this bracket system is the court/venue, which you’ll need to reserve for at least one day more than expected because of the extra match. If that’s not a problem, everything else is easy.

Download the best 23 team double elimination bracket here

Another benefit is; the D.E system engages more. Plus it can boost your profit per-entrance (it has twice the number of games). Check out the different options you can download to start harnessing their benefits.

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JPG: easy to carry and edit in mobile devices.

PDF: easy to print.

XLSX: easy to custom with team’s names.

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