23-team single-elimination bracket printable in PDF

23-team single-elimination bracket

The 23-team single-elimination bracket works as a highly efficient organization system for tournaments, even using odd numbers. If you need one, you can get it here, packed with the best quality, in printable formats, and more. Learn more about this bracket here.

23-team single-elimination bracket

Maybe you’re into poker, chess, or other types of table games, and you want to throw in a quick tournament with your friends from work. They happen to be 23 people, and of course, you can’t put together a tourney with odd numbers. However, turns out you can.

With the 23-team single-elimination bracket you’ll be able to host quick tourneys that will keep everyone interested in the action-packed matches –unless you’re talking about chess, which are gasp-filled games with silent action. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to print the bracket, customize it as you want, and also do all of this from your phone.

This bracket is similar to the 22-team single-elimination bracket, and both come from the 17-team version.

Downsides of this bracket

There are a few downsides to this bracket that come with the single-elimination system, and the fact that it is an uneven number of teams.

23-team single-elimination bracket

First, since the single-elimination system is a knockout system, it eliminates players after one game they lose. That will certainly leave some of them with a sour taste. Additionally, if you’re looking for a longer and more engaging system, we recommend the double-elimination version of this bracket –with twice the games.

Finally, because of the uneven team numbers, the bracket will host 7 games on the first round, while at least nine teams are waiting for the winners of those matches on the second round. This means you will have to assign byes to those nine teams to proceed with the tourney.

Download the 23-team single-elimination bracket in printable PDF here

If you still think this bracket is what you need, then you can easily download it here. They are completely free to use and don’t contain any Interbasket watermark. That is why they are highly convenient if you want to print them and edit them on the go.

23-team single-elimination bracket in Adobe Reader

Make sure to get Adobe Acrobat Reader to visualize PDF files.

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