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Fillable 22-team single-elimination bracket in PDF

22-team double-elimination bracket

A 22-team single-elimination bracket is one of the most efficient ways of organizing a tournament with 22 teams. Here at Interbasket you will find the best version of this bracket so you can use it with any sport or game you want. After getting this bracket, all you need is to start playing.

22-team single-elimination bracket

The Interbasket team loves tournaments and basketball on even levels, and we know that you do too. For that reason, and because of our extensive knowledge of sports, we can provide you with the most useful brackets around the internet. It’s basically the same 21-team single-elimination bracket with one more game.

With this bracket, you will be able to set up on-the-go tournaments, especially if you use it with mobile devices, which eliminates the need for further editing after the draw phase. This system is used a lot in college basketball tournaments and you can harness all of its advantages to your local amateur tourneys as well.

How to set up a quick tourney using your phone

To organize a quick tourney with just the help of your Android Phone or iPhone you will need just a couple of things.

  • The bracket in JPG format: this is the most recommended version of the bracket for phones.
  • An image editor: most phones come with simple built-in image edition apps. If it allows you to add words, numbers, and stickers, it will work. Check out here the best image-editors for android in 2019.
  • The simple Randomizer app or a similar one: this is what you need to make a quick draw of the players or teams and place it on the bracket.

22-team double-elimination bracket

After that, you’ll just need to start playing. As the tournament advances, just update the bracket with the image editor until the last match.

Download here the best 22-team single-elimination bracket

We have three different formats of this bracket for you to choose. Check out the JPG format that we mentioned, which is the best for mobile devices like phones and tablets. After that, the best is the Microsoft Excel version.

22-team double-elimination bracket XLS

This is also another great version because it allows you to add team logos, names, and as many things you want to customize the bracket. Finally, if you need an easy to print version, the PDF format is what you need.

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