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Printable free 21-team single-elimination bracket in PDF

21-team single-elimination bracket

The 21-team single-elimination is one of the rarest brackets using this system. They are rather hard to find because tourneys are made predominantly with even numbers of teams, like 8, 16, 32, or 64 teams. Still, here at Interbasket we care about our community. That’s why we can hook you up with the best right now and completely free to download.

21-team single-elimination bracket

Whether you’re a basketball or soccer junkie, or if you really enjoy local poker competitions, this bracket can help you out to keep the organization at its peak while setting up a tourney with 21 teams. The 21-team single-elimination bracket is definitely a rare one, even though it is a variant of the 17-team single elimination bracket.

With this bracket, you’ll get an action-packed short tourney, which depending on the venues available or the duration of the matches, can even be held in just one day. For example, local heads-up poker tourneys can be organized easily within 1 day and averaging 7-games per hour, and it can also be much less depending on the type of poker and the number of players per game.Heads Up Poker tournament bracket

For the National Heads-up Poker Championship (discontinued in 2013), another type of bracket was used, but the single-elimination system was the same.

Why using the single-elimination system?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the single-elimination system. For example, when poker players are having a rough day or are mind-boggled, they tend to make mistakes even if they’re the best. That’s why other systems like best-of series or double-elimination are preferred. Still, the single-elimination system is the fastest way of both organizing and conducting a tourney. For a local tourney, this is certainly the best format to use.

Download the best 21-team single-elimination bracket to print out here

Our brackets are of top-notch quality. You can use them with a wide range of sports, going from basketball (our favorite), soccer, baseball, and even badminton. Gamers can also take advantage of them, especially because they’re the fastest to set up in mobile devices for flash tourneys.

21-team single-elimination bracket

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