Printable free 14 team double elimination bracket

14 team double elimination bracket

Are you running your own baseball, softball, basketball or some other double elimination sporting tournament? If you have fourteen teams registered the next step is a 14 team bracket in a double elimination format to print out for both the participants and the crew organizing the tournament. Having a printable bracket allows the reader to track and follow the competition as teams advance.

14 Team Double Elimination Bracket

Organizing a 14 team double elimination tourney is not an easy task. With all the teams and the fact that each is allowed two losses before elimination can get hairy, so to have a bracket template will allow participants to best follow along. Same as one needs to know the odd at sites like Betway NBA betting, the more information you provide the better.

Once you have the teams selected, you need to organize the winner’s bracket.

You see, the winner’s bracket is vital if you have hosted a classification phase. If it’s like that, you will have to handpick the teams for the winner’s bracket to avoid the best teams from clashing against the worst ones (sorry not sorry). This is easily done using the ranks of each team during the classification phase.

14 team double elimination bracket balanced

14 team D.E. Bracket Organization

Now, if you didn’t had the classification phase, things start to get a little trickier. Follow this short guide provided by Betway run the bracket management:

  • First, download our bracket in XLXs file.
  • Then, add one number to each one of the spots (so, 1 to 14) that will be occupied by a team or player in the winner’s bracket.
  • Write down the names of the teams or players in paper or text doc in. Write each one in one line. You don’t need to follow a specific order.
  • Then, write the numbers from 1 to 14 in an online randomizer, like this one. Hit randomize and let the magic happen.
  • Finally, assign the resulting scrambled numbers to the list of names from top to bottom.


Once you’ve read all through this, then you’ve got a great sense of how it all works and are ready to get started on your tournament.

Download the best 14 team double elimination brackets here

At Interbasket you can download your favorite bracket formats and templates in three different formats and layouts. These brackets will help you to organize the tourney in a way that makes things easier to manage throughout, as well as to keep up with other tournaments with a visual aid that’s easy to print.

14 team double elimination bracket xlsx

First, a classic JPG. It’s customizable, easy to print and view on mobile devices. Next, the XLSX doc, which can be customized to your liking using Microsoft Excel. And finally, the PDF version, which is even easier to print out, especially if you need many brackets in paper. Find more brackets here at Interbasket.


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