128 Team Single-Elimination Bracket

Congratulations for taking on a tournament with 128 teams. That’s an insane turn out that we only see in rare occasions like Wimbledon. Obviously you’re here for a printable 128-team bracket for your upcoming competition.  Our 128 tournament team brackets were designed with 128 teams in a single-elimination tournament.

Printable 128-Team Bracket (2 pages)

As tournament organizers, we strongly recommend limiting tournaments teams to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 teams. That’s because there would be no additional decisions that needs to be made after drawing and seeding the teams. In an one hundred twenty eight-team tournament field, half the teams are eliminated at each stage until only one team is left. Here’s what an 128-team blank bracket looks like on two pages/images:

Due to the amount of teams, we offer the bracket in two layouts. The landscape layout above requires two sheets of paper, but allows more “space” for one to write in teams and for a more comfortable tracking and allows for tournament participants to read the bracket as it gets deeper into the competition. Download the first page which is the upper half section of the bracket here. Download and print the lower half / second part of the bracket here.

128-Team Bracket on One Page

Our empty 128-team, single-elimination bracket gives you the choice to download, view and print the bracket.  This one is in profile (horizontal) view. This bracket is completely blank save for the brackets themselves giving you full control of how and where to place the teams.

The above length-wise bracket is basically a 64-team bracket doubled up and can be printed out and downloaded in PDF format here.



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