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11 Team Double Elimination Bracket that’s both printable and downloadable in PDF

With every 11 team double-elimination tournament, one will need to put up a printable bracket that matches that amount of teams in the competition. If you’re organizing said sports tournament, it’s one of the many items on the tournament checklist that you’ll need to do. That’s because having a printed out 11-team double elimination bracket will make keeping tabs on the winners and losers of the competition so much easier.

11 Team Double-Elimination Bracket

Tournament brackets come in several “sizes” all determined by the format and how many teams are participating. With a double elimination format, the teams in the competition start out in the winners bracket and when they lose they end up in the losers bracket.  And once they lose the second time, they’re out of the tournament.

Simply, the team that finishes all the tournament rounds undefeated or with one loss is the champion. It all sounds so easy, and it is if you have a printable bracket sitting in front of you.  Thankfully, we’ve provided the above 11 team bracket double elimination format for you to look at.

11-Team Bracket Template: Double-Elimination Blank, Printable Bracket

Our double-elimination, eleven team bracket comes with some choices of how you want to present them. Those options are to download and print them out in PDF, high resolution JPG image or in Excel.

Here’s the 11 Team Double Elimination Bracket in PDF, and here’s the same double elimination version in in Excel

With these downloadable brackets, you’re not restricted to just basketball competitions (though that’s our favorite sport), football or baseball tournaments. This bracket can work with any tournament that is the format of double-elimination. If that’s the case, then this 11 team bracket allowing for two losses is what you need. If you’re looking for 11-team single-elimination bracket, we have that, too.

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