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The 5 Most Popular Prop Bets for the 2022-23 NBA Award Season

Now that we are roughly a month into the season, let’s talk about some of the best NBA prop bets for this season. I’ve got a rookie of the year, sixth man of the year and defensive player of the year bet that we are going to discuss in this article. Now is likely the best time to start locking in some of these bets as soon as possible. Before we get started, check out some NBA Picks and Parlays today

Most Valuable Player With just 15% of the season completed, it’s tough to estimate which player will come out on top as the best player on the league (that’s also on a team that has won a lot of games), but you’re here so let’s make some educated guesses. Considering everything, and barring injury, the leading candidate is Giannis Antetokoumnpo to win his third MVP award. The Milwaukee Bucks are at the top of the standings and the Greek Freak is at the height of his powers. A couple other good bets include Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic, both of whom are playing very well and leading their teams to winning records.

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Rookie of the Year As of right now, there just isn’t a lot of value in taking Paolo Banchero for rookie of the year it’d be silly not to. Unless Banchero misses a lot of games, he’s shown he’s clearly heads and shoulders above his class. However, do not count out Bennedict Mathurin just yet in this race. I think at some point you will see Mathurin enter the starting lineup for the Pacers which will give him an even better opportunity. As a bench player, Mathurin is averaging almost 20 PPG. With this kind of production coming off of the bench, they will eventually want to transition Mathurin into a starter. At +500 odds, this is still worth sprinkling a little on rather than the -650 odds offered on Banchero. This bet is probably my least favorite of the three that I am giving, but I do think that the value and upside Mathurin could have is worth taking. 

Sixth Man of the Year  While the Lakers have not exactly been a team to bet on, there is a player who might be worth taking for sixth man of the year. Despite his reluctance to come off the bench, Russell Westbrook has played much better not starting, and the Lakers seem content with leaving him in that role. Westbrook can still be a stats machine coming off of the bench, so taking him at the +150 you can get him for now is worth it. With Russell averaging 16.3 PPG, 7.2 APG and 5.5 REB/G, there is a good chance that those numbers will continue to rise and be the production needed to win sixth man of the year. While some may fear Russ might get traded, I think the same approach would be taken if that were to happen. Having Russ come off of the bench is the best option at this point in his career.

Most Improved Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Lauri Markkanen are the leading candidates for most-improved in 2023. While SGA has been a borderline all-star the last two seasons, he’s clearly at another level this season. He’s upped his scoring average by nearly 7 points and the Thunder are playing slightly above expectations. The case for Markkanen is that he’s easily having his best year and he’s leading the Utah Jazz as the surprise team in the league by a large margin. With both Shai and Lauri, the question is whether Shai can keep up the pace individually and whether the Jazz can keep winning.

Defensive Player of the Year While Giannis has been unbelievable offensively, his defense is worth noting heavily. As of right now he has climbed up the ranks as the Defensive Player Of The Year leader. Giannis has the ability to not only be a rim protector, but the ability to bring the on-ball defense as well. Getting Giannis at +290 is worth taking right now. With Giannis having the wow factor, I think this will help him win this award as Gobert has kind of started to bore people not having the wow factor like Giannis has.

Those are our early NBA prop bets at this point for the 2022-23 major NBA awards season. Barring any major injuries to the players above, all of these bets have good value and should be relevant as we get towards the end of the season. 


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