The 6 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2022

Being a street hooper, student athlete, or weekend warrior you not only need a place to store your basketball gear at home, but you’ll need a bag that’s large enough to fit your indoor basketball and basketball shoes when it’s time to head to to the basketball courts. Sometimes how you store it at home might be the backpack itself. 

That’s why backpacks specifically designed for basketball players is the preference for the majority of hoopers because they’re truly the best option to comfortably transport all your basketball needs from your house to the courts to the restaurant after playing and back home again.

With unique features, storage options, and differing styles and designs, we will highlight some of the best basketball backpacks in this buying guide to help you with to find the right basketball backpack for your shoes, ball, water bottle, portable speaker, and personal effects. You’ll find that even if you don’t play basketball, there are plenty of good reasons to get yourself a basketball backpack.

6 Best Basketball Backpacks in 2022

If you’re a diehard hooper that spend hours upon hours at the park may find it difficult to get a basketball backpack that suits all their needs. You don’t just want a bag that carries “stuff” but a backpack that is thoughtfully designed for the hooper that HOOPS. There are several things to look out for when shopping for a backpack that best suits all of your needs. We’ll review all of those unique features to determine the six best basketball backpacks in 2022.

At a Glance Through The 6 Best Basketball Backpacks

Backpack Brand Weight (kg) Dimensions (LXWXH) in inches Material Volume (L)
TRAILKICKER 1.41 12.2 x 9 x 19.6 Polyester 35
NIKE Hoops Elite Pro 0.87 23.75 x 15.25 x 2 Polyester 38
POINT3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 0.86 20.6 x 17.8 x 2.91 Polyester 21
MIER Basketball Backpack 1.2   21.2 x 14.2 x 8.3 Nylon 40
NIKE Unisex Hoops Elite Pro 0.8 23 x 15 x 2.05 Polyester 32
ESTARER Soccer Bag 0.93 37.85 x 28.7 x 9.65 Nylon N/A

1. TRAILKICKER Attachable Compartment Backpack

The TRAILKICKER backpack has a 35L capacity that makes it able to accommodate almost any item. A full-size basketball, a 17-inch laptop, sports shoes, towels, gloves, socks, and two water bottles could all fit into the TRAILKICKER seamlessly with enough room left for personal accessories.

The backpack has a MOLLE system that allows for a pouch, hook, and other extras. A comfy airflow back design coupled with multi-panel ventilated padding provides maximum support for your back and ensures carriage for a long time without much stress on the shoulders.

Made of water-resistant Polyester Fabric with metal zippers, the TRAILKICKER backpack guarantees the owner durability and long-lasting usage all week. The stylish bag is the perfect gift item for anyone looking for an affordable all-in-one backpack as it costs less than $50. This basketball backpacks has an overall rating of 4.8 stars from 310+ reviews.

Click here to review the specs or buy the TRAILKICKER backpack.

Pros Cons
Has a separate ball compartment Front storage takes space from main compartment
Extremely durable Might be a bit bulky for younger users
Plenty of storage options
Sturdy two-way zippers

2. NIKE Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack Silver

The NIKE Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack is spacious and comfortable, thanks to its large, zippered main compartment. The adjustable padded shoulder straps provide additional comfort. Hoopers and non-hoopers could fit their food, beverages, or even dirty clothes into the zippered foil-lined side pocket. The bag has been designed for multipurpose use without buckling under pressure. Check out this customer’s review.

The bag has a ventilated shoe compartment, which can hold up to a size 15. The backpack isn’t the cheapest out there as it costs around $100, but considering the huge space it provides for your gear, it might be a good investment. The NIKE Hoops Elite Pro has received much critical acclaim with an impressive overall rating of 4.8 stars from 670+ reviews, making it one of the best basketball backpacks in the market.

While you are here, find out more about the NIKE Hoops Elite Pro. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight Zippers are not the strongest
Adjustable padded shoulder straps Not many compartments
Spacious Less affordable for backpacks in its category
Striking design

3. POINT3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack

The Road Trip 2.0 features a sleek and revamped design of the original Road Trip mesh basketball bag. The backpack comes with a drawstring ball storage, which could contain a full-sized basketball and the rest of your kit. 

A 100% hydrophobic polyester material gives the backpack a solid defense that’s water-resistant. In addition, the bag’s ventilated mesh area makes it ideal for keeping away the sweaty gear without any problem. The Road Trip 2.0 basketball backpack is quite affordable and you could get it for less than $100.

The POINT3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack gets an overall rating of 4.7 stars from 500+ reviews. Watch this 44-second video to learn more about this basketball backpack, after which you can buy it here.

Pros Cons
Well-ventilated mesh compartment Quality is not the best
Water-resistant Not as spacious as other backpacks
Draw-string ball storage
Sleek design

4. MIER Basketball Backpack

The MIER backpack was built to withstand heavy use. The 40L capacity basketball backpack bag has a durable exterior shell and abrasion resistance.  The basketball backpack has a functional design with padded water-resistant bottom to protect your electronics. 

The MIER’s multi-pocket system ensures that your items are kept compartmentalized rather than lumped together. A ventilated laundry pouch with a big front zipped mesh compartment keeps your shoes and dirty gear separate. MIER products have a 2-year limited warranty and that includes the basketball backpack.

The MIER backpack has an overall score of 4.7 stars from 900+ ratings, making it one of the best affordable basketball backpacks available now. The bag costs around $50. Click here to review the specs or buy the MIER backpack.

Pros Cons
Multiple storage options Not exactly stylish
Water-resistant Light duty zippers
Large functional capacity

5. NIKE Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Backpack Black

The NIKE Unisex Hoops Elite Pro is one of the best basketball backpacks that has everything an active student needs. The Nike Dri-FIT microfiber fabrication absorbs sweat to help keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. A one-hand quick-adjust closure makes it easy to adjust your bag on the go. 

The side panels are made of Dri-FIT polyester mesh, which makes them stylish and durable. Zipper closure and a 13-inch shoulder drop provide additional flexibility. The product has an overall rating of 4.8 stars from 1300+ reviews and it costs a little over $100.

Click here for more details.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Quite expensive
Spacious Might be bulky for some people
Numerous compartments
Lightweight and portable

6. ESTARER Backpack

The ESTARER basketball backpack is designed for both kids and adults. With a large capacity, several organized pockets, and a mesh ball compartment with drawstring closure, the ESTARER offers everything you need to store your sports and personal accessories. A flat bottom prevents the durable nylon-made bag from falling over. 

Vented side pockets are designed for your shoes, umbrellas, and water bottles. The ESTARER’s ergonomic consideration features humanized back shoulder strap designs, paddings, and air permeability, which provide additional comfort.

The sports backpack does not perform too badly with a 4.6-star rating from 150+ reviews and a price of $40. One of the best budget basketball backpacks, you can get it here.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic Needs thicker straps
Inexpensive Does not have a zip-top 
Large capacity
Vented side pockets

Buying Guide to choose the best basketball backpack

If you are a hooper, weekend warrior, or casual player looking to get a one-fit backpack for everyday use, here are the most important things to consider when choosing a basketball backpack:

  1. Storage space: This is one of the first things to consider when choosing a backpack. If you are an athlete, you need a bag that can carry your ball, shoes, towels, shirts, caps, water bottles, etc. Those who need a bag for everyday use need to be sure it is strong enough to carry college books, a laptop, gym gear, and other personal stuff.
  2. Comfort: The quality of the material used and the backpack design should be made comfortable for the user.
  3. Design: If you have personal styles and preferences, you might want to choose a basketball backpack that has the right design to suit your taste.
  4. Durability: Wear and tear is something to consider when choosing a basketball backpack. Do you plan to use it every day? Do you plan to put a lot of stuff in it?
  5. Price: Price is an obvious factor for any user. Choose a basketball backpack that offers you the most value for your money.
  6. Reviews: What is the feedback from those who already have the item? Reviews give more insight into the user experience.

The best basketball backpack by our pick

The TRAILKICKER backpack is extremely durable and water-resistant since it is made of 1680 Denier polyester. The bag has plenty of storage options. It is big enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop and a full-size basketball. 

The TRAILKICKER has dual-strap and grab handle systems for easy carriage. Durable, functional, multipurpose, and affordable, the TRAILKICKER backpack is our top pick for the most value.

Bottom Line

By now, you would have had a better understanding of what to look out for when choosing a basketball backpack. 

Your search becomes much easier when you identify your needs and preferences and align them with the bags offering the highest value. 

Whether you are an athlete, student, or just someone who needs a bag, you really can’t go wrong with a basketball backpack.

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