November 20, 2014

Olimpija Player Saves Ball Into Basket: Hits Crazy Behind the Backboard Shot

2014/10/19 7:37 pm

By way of I <3 Basketball comes this crazy shot in a game between Slovenian club team Olimpija Ljubljana and Serbian team Partizan. After an airball sends the basketball out of bounds, a Olimpija player sails out of bounds trying to keep the ball in play and he tosses it behind his head, high over the backboard, and it nestles in the net. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that won’t happen for another ten years. There’s just too […]

Dallas Mavericks sign 5-6 Japanese guard Yuki Togashi

2014/10/16 8:59 am

After averaging just 5.3 points and shooting .467 from the field in four NBA summer league games, the Dallas Mavericks have signed Japanese guard Yuki Togashi. At just 5-6 and 145lbs, the Mavericks liked the diminutive guard’s speed, defense, hustle, and ability to facilitate ball movement on offense. Who is Yuki Togashi? Originally from Niigata, Japan, Yuki played high school basketball in the U.S. at the well-known basketball powerhouse Montrose Christian School. This is the same high school that several […]

Kobe Bryant Air-Balls First Shot in NBA Return (Preseason)

2014/10/07 8:25 am

Kobe Bryant was certainly on the marquee with the Los Angeles Lakers pre-season game against the Denver Nuggets was moved to second billing, in a font size much smaller than the main attraction. This isn’t any different than normal, but more eyes were on Bryant last night as the NBA superstar returned to an NBA court for the first time in over 10 months. Discuss the Los Angeles Lakers in our NBA forum Bryant missed most of the 2013-14 NBA season […]

Brittney Griner dunks against China in FIBA World Cup (Video)

2014/09/28 7:06 am

Though just 23 years old, Brittney Griner has made a career of being the “first women’s player to dunk.” She added to that list in a win over China in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball last night – in what might be the first dunk in the tournament’s history. Early in the game, Maya Moore drove to the basket and drew three defenders. Moore threw an over the head pass to Griner, who took one step and one dribble before […]

Spain Ousted: Is this Pau Gasol’s Final FIBA World Cup?

2014/09/12 8:25 am

With the hosts bowing out of the FIBA World Cup on Wednesday evening against France, did Pau Gasol’s chance of lifting the trophy for a second time also vanish from sight? At the grand old age of 34, Gasol is certainly within the twilight years of his career, and it will be a big ask of his body if he is to compete again in four years’ time. But based on the impressive performances at this year’s competition, it seems this […]

Watch Rudy Gobert Block Pau Gasol in France’s Win Over Spain

2014/09/10 10:05 pm

Rudy Gobert had a coming out party in France’s big win over Spain in the FIBA World Cup. He didn’t light it up on the offensive end though both his baskets came on big dunks in the first half. The 7-2 Gobert’s impact came on the backboard and on the defensive end. Discuss the FIBA World Cup in our forum. In the critical fourth quarter, the 22-year old Gobert found him up against international and NBA veteran Pau Gasol – […]

France vs. Spain Boxscore: France Stuns Spain in FIBA World Cup 65-52

2014/09/10 3:10 pm

It’s not that France is a bad team, it’s just that Spain is that good.  France was a 17 point underdog going into the game, and instead they pulled out a double-digit win with great passing, outside shots, and interior defense from a young Rudy Gobert. The 22-year old, 7-2 Gobert’s length proved to be a problem for the Gasol brothers in the fourth quarter. The young player Utah Jazz center had a couple high-flying slam dunks in the first […]

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