March 4, 2015

New York Knicks legend Anthony Mason dies at 48

2015/02/28 1:25 pm

Anthony Mason was one of the most colorful personas in the NBA during his tenure with the New York Knicks between 1991 and 1996. He started his career at Efes Pilsen in Turkey and managed to claw his way to the 1991 New York Knicks roster after one season spent with the Denver Nuggets and their D-League affiliate. . He was a tough player on the defensive end that made smart decisions when running plays on offense. Mason died today as a […]

ALBA’s Leon Radosevic hits a crazy buzzer beater to force OT against Barcelona

2015/02/27 5:17 pm

Barcelona doesn’t have a dream season. The team experience great deal of changes in its roster during the summer and some of the core players left. That’s one of the main reasons why the Spanish champion is struggling in this year’s Euroleague. ALBA Berlin on the other hand have good chances of qualifying for the Euroleague playoffs. . Leon Radosevic was only one of three ALBA Berlin players to score in double digits and this were probably his two most […]

New Shaqtin a Fool episode, number 15 of the season

2015/02/27 5:04 pm

The fact that JaVale McGee got traded to the Philadelphia 76ers doesn’t mean that he will not appear on the Shaqtin a Fool bloopers list anymore. He’s your first nominee for this week, but it’s hard to compete for the first spot against Drew Gooden and his mathematically precise defensive rebound. . (172)

Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves return recap

2015/02/26 6:11 am

Kevin Garnett marks the ending of his 19th season in the NBA with a return to the city where it all started. He played 12 seasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves and changed the franchise forever. He’s also responsible that Minnesota got the opportunity to accumulate so much young talent because of the draft picks that they received in the trade for KG with the Boston Celtics. .   It looks like everybody is just pleased that Garnett decided to waive […]

Two plays from the King – Grizzlies game that deserve an NBA Top 10 spot

2015/02/26 6:11 am

The NBA Top 10 for last night was filled with alley oops and fastbreak dunks, which is all right, but these two plays deserved a spot on that list. The funny thing is that they’re both from the same game between the Sacramento Kings and the Memphis Grizzlies. . The first one features Zach Randolph and his clutch performance to end the half with a high note. Ben McLemore cut his hair, which improved his jumping ability. (315)

Tayshaun Prince is back in Detroit with a monster dunk

2015/02/25 3:53 pm

Tayshaun Prince is back in Detroit, but this is probably one of the titles that you weren’t expecting to see right away or maybe ever until the end of his career. Thanks to a trading chaos that happened during the trade deadline Prince ended back with the team where he started his 13-year-long career. It looks like the 4 time NBA All-Defensive Second Team member has lots of fuel left in the tank. . (373)

Russell Westbrook records third triple double of the season

2015/02/25 3:43 pm

Russell Westbrook has proven once again this season that he can step up big time when Kevin Durant is not on the court. He recorded his third triple double of the season and his 11th in his career against Indiana last night. Westbrook finished the game with 20 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. . The night before Russell dished career high 17 assists in a game against the Denver Nuggets. Kevin Durant is currently out due to a leg injury, but […]

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