May 31, 2016

These are Michael Jordan’s career highs in NBA, playoffs and as a rookie

2016/05/15 2:10 pm

Michael Jordan is one of the most prolific scorers in all of NBA history and is probably the best-known NBA player of all time — active or retired. The media has highlighted many of Jordan’s career highs while playing in the NBA. Whether you are interested in MJ’s most points ever scored, most assists, or just his highest scoring achievements we have you covered. Many of today’s sports fans compare all of our super-stars against the greatness that Jordan achieved during his storied […]

The 8 Highest Scoring Games in NBA History

2016/05/10 12:12 pm

Although the Splash Brothers have made all of the noise in the NBA during the best regular season in NBA History, one record the Warriors have not broken this season is obtaining one of the highest scoring NBA Games in history. In fact, the last time two teams combined for enough points to make this list was in 2006.. That was almost a decade ago and neither Steph Curry nor Klay Thompson were even in the league yet. The NBA […]

Stephen Curry is the NBA’s first-ever unanimous MVP

2016/05/10 9:29 am

After an amazing regular season and on the heels of 40 point showing last night in a win against the Portland Trailblazers, Stephen Curry has been named the 2015-16 NBA MVP. It’s not a surprise that Curry won. Reports had him winning the honor yesterday, it was just by how much he won it by. This was, after all, a season dominated by his Golden State Warriors; a historic season that saw a multitude of NBA records broken and firsts. […]

How Steph Curry turned the 2015-16 NBA season into his video game

2016/04/14 2:53 pm

It’s no secret that this was the year of Steph Curry. The reigning NBA regular season MVP somehow got so much better that he’s not only being considered an unanimous MVP (something that’s never happened), but also for the league’s Most Improved Award. That’s how ridiculous his season’s been. Curry isn’t nearly as imposing as LeBron James trucking down the lane, nor is he at risk of a concussion from hitting his on the rim a la Blake Griffin. You won’t be […]

The 7 NBA players in the 50-40-90 Club / 180 Shooting Club

2016/04/14 12:13 pm

When a NBA player finishes a season shooting 50% from the field, 40% from three and 90% from the free throw line (and they have enough shots to qualify for each), they join an elite group of shooters. The “50-40-90 Club” as it’s commonly known, or the “180 Club” as NBA players and coaches refer to it, is the pinnacle of shooting efficiency. The club is so exclusive and elite that its membership counts just seven players and the “180 […]

Get Your 2016 NBA Playoffs Bracket

2016/04/12 12:07 pm

The NBA Playoff brackets will be set on April 13th, 2016 after the final regular season games conclude. Basketball fans will want to get your 2016 NBA playoff brackets in hand before the first round kicks off on April 16th, 2016. The Golden State Warriors are looking to be the odds on favorites to repeat as NBA Champions this season after their record setting season. Many of the playoff seeds are coming down to the final games of the season […]

How to Watch 2016 NBA Playoffs on TV/Online? When TV schedule comes out?

2016/04/10 9:51 am

The 2016 NBA Playoffs will get started on Saturday, April 16th, 2016. A common question asked by basketball fans is how to watch the 2016 NBA Playoffs on TV and online. Until the final NBA Playoff brackets are set, we do know notionally when many of the TV broadcasts will occur, and we have included those for fans to use to plan out for allotting time to watch the best teams in the NBA compete for an opportunity to make […]

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