June 25, 2017

The 14 biggest blowouts ever in NBA Playoff history

2017/05/20 1:55 pm

The NBA Playoffs are supposed to have a higher level of competition than the regular season. That’s because a team’s season is at a risk; they’re playing for your life. If you’re the last team standing after four usually-intense seven-game series, you’ll bring home an NBA championship to your city, be even more adored by the fans and have your season cemented into the record books.. We say “usually” because not every playoff game or series is competitive. Someone please […]

What do NBA players do after the game and during the off-season?

2017/05/19 12:18 pm

How do basketball players and athletes relieve stress after the game? Stress can have a negative mental and physical impact during a basketball player’s season. To relieve the stress after a particularly intense and stressful game –especially after a loss — is important because the accumulation of stress can lead to easy fatigue in following games. It’s only natural that athletes spend some time to relax and recover. Here’s a few things that NBA players do to keep them busy on their […]

Stephen Curry’s career high in points, assists, three pointers and more

2017/05/16 3:03 pm

Even before he played his first career game, NBA scouts liked Stephen Curry a lot, but they clearly had third and fourth thoughts about his superstar potential. . Born to Sonya Adams and former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry, Stephen Curry had big shoes to fill once he decided he was going to follow in his deadshot Daddy Dell’s footsteps. But Steph had Dell’s genes and inherited his shooting touch. Steph was much quicker and a better ball handler than dad ever was. […]

LeBron James’ single game career highs in points, assists, and more

2017/05/09 9:05 am

It was prophetic that LeBron James was nicknamed “King James” so early. And it wasn’t because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Since the day he was born to a 16-year old Gloria Marie James, LeBron Raymone James has had to work for every piece of success that he’s achieved. As he famously said in this Sports Illustrated feature, nothing is given because everything in Northeast Ohio is worked hard for and earned. So nearly every […]

Three things that will determine the Houston Rockets-San Antonio Spurs series

2017/05/08 8:38 am

A few weeks into the playoffs, we’ve hardly seen anything surprising yet. The 7th seeded Grizzlies giving the perennial playoff veterans that is the San Antonio Spurs all they can handle? That’s kind of expected, given that they’ve always matched up well with them, and they did pull off a stunning upset just a few years ago with virtually the same line-up. Also, despite the herculean season of Russell Westbrook (largely for his “triple-double” average, a feat only accomplished once […]

Is Lonzo Ball mixed race — and what’s the deal with LaVar Ball?

2017/05/06 7:10 am

Everybody is aware of the ZO2 Prime shoes by now. The Big Baller Brand’s first basketball shoe grabbed headlines because of of its absurd $495.00 price tag (and its striking resemblance to the Kobe 11 — was it the ZO1 Prime?). But we’re not here to talk about Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe, we’re here to talk about the kid himself and the man behind him. Lonzo Ball was perhaps the most watched college player in the 2017 NCAA Tournament not only […]

It’s Thomas Time: Isaiah’s 53 points was one for the ages

2017/05/04 10:12 am

Isaiah Thomas’ Game 2 vs. the Washington Wizards Was One For The Ages When Isaiah Thomas looked at his imaginary watch on his left wrist, he wanted to let the whole world know what time it was. It was Isaiah Thomas time. Isaiah’s sister Chyna Thomas was supposed to turn 23 on Tuesday. Instead, Isaiah Thomas dropped a monstrous 53 points on the Toronto Raptors in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Chyna passed away on the eve of the […]

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