February 11, 2016

Stephen Curry pulls out 360 alley-oop dunk vs. Indiana Pacers

2015/12/09 10:58 am

No, Stephen Curry isn’t just a three-point shooter and yes, Stephen Curry can dunk. And apparently, he can do a 360 degree jam, too. Here’s a video released by the NBA’s Vine account last night of Steph throwing one down. Curry’s dunk was during the layup line before the Indiana Pacers game last night. In the slow-motion video, you can see him bouncing himself an alley oop in which he finishes it off with a 360 dunk. And it’s a […]

Stephen Curry has the most games with 9 threes in NBA history

2015/12/05 6:29 pm

In the history of the league, a player has hit nine three-point shots in one game just 49 times. In his career, Stephen Curry is responsible for four of those games, making him the NBA player with the most games with 9 threes. . Before Curry marked his fourth NBA game with 9 threes, he was tied with Kobe Bryant and Ben Gordon, who both accomplished the “9 threes” in three games. . Here are all the players that have […]

Stephen Curry has hit 8 three-pointers in a game more than any NBA player

2015/12/03 10:17 am

Steph Curry hit eight threes again. The eight three-pointers against the Charlotte Hornets was the tenth time that Curry made eight three-pointers in a game. And he’s the one NBA player that has done that in the double-digits which is the most times, by far. (Edit: This post was done in early December 2015, so obviously Curry has hit eight threes several more times) . Though hitting eight longballs in one game isn’t an everyday accomplishment, it’s not as rare […]

Sixers’ Jahlil Okafor knocks out Boston heckler in newly-released video

2015/12/02 11:22 am

Jahlil Okafor has had a rough start to the season. He’s performed well statistically, but the Sixers have struggled. Before the 76ers pulled out a win over the Los Angeles Lakers during Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game in Philadelphia, the team had lost an NBA record 18 straight games. . Coming off winning an NCAA championship with the Duke Blue Devils just last season, I’m sure Okafor was more than frsutrated. And that boiled over while he was in Boston […]

Isiah Thomas responds to Scottie Pippen’s Dream Team comments

2015/12/01 6:24 pm

“Open Court” is show on NBATV that goes behind the scenes with a panel of rotating players. This particular episode was hosted by Ernie Johnson with a panel of Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill, Isiah Thomas, Brent Barry, Steve Smith, Dennis Scott and Grant Hill. . During one of the segment of “Open Court”, the subject they talked about was the All-Decade Teams for the 1990s. With Isiah on the panel, the drama of his exclusion from the Dream Team was […]

It’s Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game in Philadelphia… and it’s going to be bad

2015/11/30 10:36 am

Coming on the heels of Kobe Bryant‘s retirement announcement last night is his game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night. Very well-timed as Philadelphia is where Kobe Bryant was born and where Bryant starred in at a public high school in nearby Lower Merion Township. “I think the older I get, the more I appreciate coming back here and playing,” Bryant said when his Lakers visited Philadelphia in 2012. It’s been over two decades since Kobe donned the Lower […]

Tale of Two NBA Seasons: Golden State Warriors vs. Philadelphia 76ers

2015/11/30 9:54 am

We all know about the Golden State Warriors — the team led by Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and a new and improved Harrison Barnes is defeating teams by an average of 16 points. So many of the games have been laughers that Steph Curry has sat the entire fourth quarter several times this season. In case this is the first post you’ve read about the Warriors, they’re on a current winning streak of 18 games, without a loss mind you, […]

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