April 18, 2015

Derek Fisher is happy about his team’s latest 2 game winning streak

2015/04/14 9:00 am

The New York Knicks gave up on this season after the All-Star break and the biggest proof of that was their decision to send Carmelo Anthony to the operation room. Derek Fisher was criticized during the first half of the season because his, and Phil Jackson’s, triangle offense obviously didn’t work. After couple of trades and signing a team of nobodies it was expected from the Knicks to finish bottom last in the league. . This silent mission took another […]

George Hill opens up a circus in the Fieldhouse

2015/04/13 3:48 am

Paul George is back after a terrifying leg injury and it seems like everybody is happy again, playing the basketball the Indiana Pacers are known for. . Point guard George Hill is not an exception. He once again looks like the offensive leader that this team needs and it is very possible that the Pacers will perform well in the post season. It will be very amusing if they play the Hawks in the first round as it would be […]

Westbrook’s career high 54 not enough against the Indiana Pacers

2015/04/13 3:32 am

Westbrook is one of the top 5 candidates for the MVP title this year, but he’s loosing any chances of wining the honors at the end of the season with the performance of his team. Although Westbrook has recorded the most triple doubles after the All Star break, this achievement is even historically significant with only two other players recording the same amount of triple doubles during the same period of the season, his team is still out of the playoff […]

Steph Curry breaks his own 3 point record scoring 45 points in the process

2015/04/10 1:40 pm

Steph Curry broke his record for most three pointers scored in a single season and became the first player to ever do that two times. Now Curry holds three positions on the top 5 list in this category peaking this season and having almost the same success rate in the past two seasons with the exception of the one when he was out with an ankle injury for a big part of the season. . It looks like the Golden […]

Basketball Wearables: European League places video cameras onto players’ jersey

2015/04/08 10:45 am

The first professional basketball league to place video cameras on their players is the Euroleague. The European basketball league will fashion two mini video cameras onto the jerseys of two players on Lithuanian club Zalgiris Kaunas — guard Edgaras Ulanovas and center Robertas Javtokas: Euroleague Basketball’s commitment to enhancing the fan experience with new technologies will take a major leap forward this week when Turkish Airlines Euroleague become the first competition in major professional sports to test players wearing micro-cameras on their uniforms […]

Anthony Davis lifts Pelicans over Warriors for the 8th seed on the West

2015/04/08 3:05 am

Anthony Davis was just perfect throughout the year, with the exception of the time he spent sidelined with a shoulder injury, and it would be a shame if his New Orleans Pelicans don’t reach the playoffs. The battle is between the Pelicans and the Thunder for the 8th seed on the West and with this win against the top seeded Warriors, New Orleans has taken over the last playoff spot with only four games until the end of the season. […]

Sim Bhullar becomes the first Indian born player to play in an NBA game

2015/04/08 2:47 am

Sim Bhullar played only 14 seconds for the Sacramento Kings last night, but that was enough for him to make history becoming the first Indian born player to enter an official NBA game. For a nation that has a population greater than 2 billion this is a big deal, especially after the country started to appreciate sports other than cricket and field hockey. .   (192)

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