January 31, 2015

Steph Curry freezes Russell Westbrook, Thunder with left-handed yo-yo dribble

2015/01/08 10:46 am

Not all two points are created equal. Steph Curry is best known for his shooting ability from afar, but he’s more than. It’s not that the Golden State Warrior has above-average skills outside of that, but his passing and handles are among the best in the league. It’s just his shooting range is so exceptional, that his amazing handles and feel for the game is overlooked. Of course, it’s all related, his shooting ability allows him the ability to get into […]

Detroit Pistons win 6th straight after waiving Josh Smith

2015/01/06 9:37 pm

Andre Drummond stole a Tim Duncan inbounds pass and Brandon Jennings hit a buzzer beating runner to defeat the San Antonio Spurs 105-104 tonight. With that win, the Detroit Pistons have won their sixth straight after cutting Josh Smith on December 22nd. Just to emphasize, the Pistons have now more than doubled their win total since waiving Josh Smith. With Josh Smith, the Pistons had just five wins in 28 games. Without Josh Smith, the Pistons have six wins in as […]

Here’s the Wilt Chamberlain video highlights you always wanted to see

2015/01/06 9:05 pm

We all have heard about Wilt Chamberlain. No matter how long you’ve watched the NBA, Wilt’s name still casts a shadow as large as the 7-2 giant did on the NBA when he played. That said, many of us have never had the chance to actually see him play — we rely on the same 8-10 clips of the Big Dipper and the stories from another generation; blindly endorsing this urgan legend. Well no longer, a video that was just […]

2015 NFL Playoff Scores

2015/01/04 4:29 pm

The 2015 NFL Playoffs kicked off on January 3rd, 2015 with the opening round of Wildcard Play. The Carolina Panthers were able to defend their home field against the Arizona Cardinals, while the Baltimore Ravens pulled off the upset when the traveled to take on the AFC North Champion, Pittsburgh Steelers. We are listing out all of the 2015 NFL Playoff Scores here for you to enjoy in the event you haven’t been able to keep up with the action, […]

Printable 2015 NFL Divisional Playoff Bracket

2015/01/04 2:17 pm

For those of you who have been following the 2015 NFL Playoffs, the Wildcard Round concludes on January 4th, 2015. We’ve had some exciting and not-so-exciting games so far depending on what team you root for. The game play doesn’t stop this weekend; however, as we have the Divisional Round of the 2015 NFL Playoffs coming up on 10 and 11 January, 2015. To help our readers continue following the action, we have brought you and updated, printable 2015 NFL […]

Printable NFL Playoff Bracket with Latest AFC/NFC Matchups

2015/01/04 10:08 am

The NFL playoff story continues this week as the the NFL Wild Cards team fight it out to advance into the divisional rounds. Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to move on to the next round in the bracket. The #6 seed Ravens will take on the #1 seeded New England Patriots, who received a bye due to their regular season record (12-4-0). In the other Saturday match, the lower-seeded, bracket-busting Carolina Panthers downed the Arizona Cardinals 27-16 and take on […]

What’s Going on with DeMarcus Cousins Since He’s Returned?

2015/01/04 9:13 am

All through the World Cup of Basketball this past summer, DeMarcus Cousins was not only determined to show that he belonged, but that he could control his emotions. Cousins’ talent and skill was never a question, it was his attitude — as is common with younger NBA players.   For the most part, Cousins kept his cool and played very well for Team USA. And his change in attitude continued through to this NBA season as the Sacramento Kings became one […]

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