December 20, 2014

C’mon Kobe: We All Know You Care About Passing Michael Jordan on NBA All-Time Scoring List

2014/12/10 7:00 am

Does anyone actually believe that Kobe Bryant doesn’t care about surpassing Michael Jordan on the NBA all-time scoring list? Is there anyone in the entire world that actually believes Bryant when he says that it’s not important to him and that he isn’t paying attention to passing to that milestone? As of this post, Bryant is just 30 points away from tying Michael Jordan’s mark of 32,292 points and all Kobe has been saying the last few weeks leading up to the […]

Kyrie Irving Shows Off Extraordinary Skill Set Against New York Knicks

2014/12/09 11:12 am

We all know that Kyrie Irving has some crazy handles, but we at Interbasket don’t just love Irving for his ability to bounce the ball, but respect him for his all-around skill set. He just doesn’t have one of the stickiest hands in the league, but when he gets to the basket, he find a way to convert… and with difficulty. Not only that, but the 22-year old is already a very good shooter from both the mid-range and from […]

Video: Blake Griffin’s Buzzer Beater Shocks Blake Griffin (and Suns 121-120)

2014/12/09 9:32 am

LOS ANGELES — Blake Griffin fired a three point attempt over the Sun’s P.J. Tucker as the seconds wound down. The shot ricocheted off the front of the rim so hard that it bounced up high in the air before it gently laid itself into the net. With that, the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Phoenix Suns by one point. Watch the video of Blake Griffin’s buzzer-beating video: “When I shot it, I thought it was off, short, flat,” Griffin said, […]

Kevin Durant Returns but Thunder Must Wait to Salvage Their Season

2014/12/08 11:39 am

They say in order to thrive in the NBA you need to have at least one superstar, preferably more, on a deep roster, that you need to peak at the right time and you need to be lucky enough to keep your guys healthy throughout the year. The rigors of the competition, in an 82-game season where teams play with little or no rest, make injuries a natural part of the sport, so it’s how a team rides them that […]

Domestic Assault: NBA Player Jeffrey Taylor Suspended for 24 Games

2014/12/02 9:54 am

It was announced this week that Swedish-American NBA player Jeffery Taylor would be suspended, without pay, for 24 games after he pleaded guilty to domestic assault. The assault occurred on September 25, when the 24 year-old Taylor was witnessed violently shoving and hitting his girlfriend outside a hotel in East Lansing, Michigan. The Charlotte Hornets’ forward was sentenced to 18 months of probation and will need to attend a 26-week domestic violence intervention program to avoid a prison sentence. The […]

Kevin Durant Injury Quiets The Clap Of The Thunder

2014/12/01 9:36 am

As in all sports, there are peaks and troughs for professional basketball athletes. The dizzying highs would be difficult to surpass in any other field, but when the lows come there are often millions of eyes watching you fall back down to earth – some of those may not like seeing their idols on a downward spiral, but others certainly have their appetite for failure satiated. That’s the nature of the beast; volatile, unpredictable, but ultimately not something any player […]

Kyrie Irving GIF: 15 GIFs of Kyrie’s Irvings Crazy Handles

2014/11/25 11:30 am

Kyrie Irving is one of the best ball handlers in the league alongside with players, if not the best. Like Steph Curry, John Wall, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams and others. There was a time in the league when you could enter the NBA solely because of your ballhandling skills, but it seems now like you need something more than that. Kyrie Irving is a complete player with impeccable shooting technique and vision of the game that rarely who possesses. Irving […]

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