March 27, 2017

Blank and printable NCAA Tournament brackets for 2017

2017/03/16 8:46 am

It’s the opening Thursday of March Madness and this is when your blood pressure rises. College basketball fans are counting down the minutes and are extremely excited to check out the action for the opening round of games now that the First Four is complete. As a result, many late-to-the-game fanatics will be furiously searching for blank 2017 NCAA Tournament Brackets for last-second-buzzer-beating printing today before the games tip off. Do you want one that’s seeded, or a completely blank […]

Seeded, filled and printable March Madness bracket (with all 64 seeds in 2017)

2017/03/16 8:00 am

There’s no doubt that this is really is the best time of year for college basketball fans. March Madness is upon us, the seeds were announced on Sunday and the games start within hours. So you promised you wouldn’t do this to yourself again. You said it in 2015 and you told youself in 2016. But it’s 2017 and now you’re scrambling (again) for a bracket that’s pre-filled with all the tournament seeds. If you are looking for that specific printable […]

Printable NCAA March Madness Brackets for 2017

2017/03/16 7:13 am

No longer stigmatized, Europeans can just be ‘players’ in today’s NBA

2017/03/15 12:35 pm

It used to be that international players were something to be gawked at; to be put under the magnifying glass when they were on the court. Europeans were stereotyped as slow, plodding, flopping and robotic players and anytime they let a player score, the presumption was they were too soft for a hard league like the NBA. If they struggled as a rookie, they weren’t given the same latitude as an American-born player; they weren’t struggling because they were new, […]

Printable March Madness NCAA brackets for 2017 tournament

2017/03/15 7:38 am

No matter how much of a techie one might be, there is still nothing like keeping track of the wins and losses of March Madness on agood old fashioned sheet of paper. It’s kinda like reading a book and reading on a Kindle; there’s nothing that replaces the tactile satisfaction of filling out a printed bracket. That’s why all the major sports sites like, ESPN, CBS Sports, SI, and Yahoo are still out there producing printable versions of the […]

Soothe ‘March Madness’ symptoms with an empty, blank bracket

2017/03/14 11:04 am

All the conference tournaments have wrapped up and the tournament field for the 2017 NCAA Men’s Tournament have been chosen on Selection Sunday. Now that all the seeds and matchups are official, the madness and bracket-addiction with the common bracketology signs and symptoms begin to show. Is March Madness an Illness? Some that have studied Sports Medicine have asked, “Is March Madness a real ailment to be concerned about?” Depending on who you ask, answers will vary. What we do know is that once afflicted with it, […]

Blank March Madness bracket to print for 2017 NCAA basketball tourney

2017/03/14 9:01 am

Hey. It’s March. It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s ready to turn millions of blank March Madness brackets into winners. Thousands of printers will see life again so that these fanatics can print these fillable 2017 NCAA tournament brackets. March after March, year after year, sports fans find themselves drawn to (like competitive lemmings) filling out their own take on bracketology both before and after the March Madness seeds and matchups are released. And many will still be filling […]

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