September 1, 2014

FIBA World Cup Group Stage Schedule (Printable)

2014/08/26 2:32 pm

The 2014 FIBA World Cup is on its way and 24 teams will try to win the finals’ trophy. The biggest favorites are USA and the host Spain. The other 22 teams will battle for the third and fourth position if everything turns as it should. There is a new team this year that has potential to represent its country in the fullest. That team is surprisingly the Philipines or Smart Gilas as its their nickname. Basketball is big in […]

USA Basketball’s FIBA World Cup Schedule 2014

2014/08/26 6:40 am

Team USA had lots of issues with completing their 12 man squad that will travel to Spain for the World Cup, but at the end it all fell into place as this is one of the youngest squads not only on the tournament, but in the modern history of USA basketball as well. They will match against Finland, Turkey, New Zealand, Dominican Republic and Ukraine in one of the easiest groups on the tournament. Here are all of the games […]

Allen Iverson Broke: Fake Report About NBA Star Circulates On Internet

2014/08/26 5:25 am

Story about Allen Iverson being broke hit the web few days ago. This is nothing new and we heard multiple versions of the same story over and over again, but the interesting part here was the alleged report that Iverson was begging for change in front of the Lenox Mall in Atlanta. No matter how interesting this seems to the average viewer it is very hard to believe a story like this without no real live footage, at-the-scene images, or […]

Manny Pacquiao Chosen in PBA Draft, to be Player/Coach for KIA Motors

2014/08/24 7:28 am

Manny Pacquiao selected in PBA Draft If there’s a national sport in the Philippines, it has to be basketball. So when Manny Pacquiao was chosen by the new KIA Motors team in the PBA draft, the diminutive boxer (5’7″, 1.69 m) became even a larger figure; a bigger national icon in the Philippines – a country that already loves and adores him. Discuss the PBA Draft in our forum This news comes a week after the eight-time world champion boxer […]

Final US Basketball Roster: Coach K Cuts Lillard, Keeps Drummond

2014/08/24 4:06 am

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his coaching staff, which also includes Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau, probably had the toughest job among FIBA World Cup contestants when deciding about their final 12 man squad for the tournament. Coach K announced which 12 players will travel to Spain after their friendly against Puerto Rico on Friday on a press conference that also featured Damian Lillard who was one of the four players that were cut off from the 16 man roster. […]

Video: Steph Curry’s No Look Pass to James Harden for the Slam

2014/08/23 3:33 pm

In one of Puerto Rico’s rare missteps last night, Carlos Arroyo got caught in the air with nowhere to go. He lobbed a pass to where he thought his teammate was, but instead passed it right into James Harden’s hands. Harden, seeing Steph Curry streaking down the court tries to pass it up to Curry but is almost broken up by a Puerto Rican player. Curry catches up to the deflected pass and in one motion throws a no look, […]

DeMar DeRozan scores 13 points for USA, still can’t get Rudy Gay’s attention

2014/08/22 8:29 am

DeMar DeRozan, along with Rudy Gay, scored a team high 13 points in a 105-62 blowout of the Dominican Republic Wednesday night. After his best showing on the USA National Team (well, his only showing, he’s only played one game), DeRozan was clearly in a playful mood. After the game, DeRozan tried to get his former Toronto Raptor’s teammate Rudy Gay’s attention in the media access room of Madison Square Garden. With a room full of media, DeMar tapped on […]

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