April 29, 2017

Print out fillable NBA Playoff bracket for 2016-17 postseason

2017/04/13 12:21 pm

The playoff match-ups weren’t fully realized until the final day of the NBA regular season yesterday. For the most part the West’s playoff picture was settled — the Eastern Conference was still dancing around until the eleventh hour. But as the last games ended last night, the picture became clear for the seedings for the 2016-17 NBA Playoffs. And now that we know which teams are playing one another, the NBA playoff bracket is also set in stone. You can […]

The career high in points for 300 active and retired NBA players

2017/04/11 10:04 am

If you were ever curious for a particular NBA player’s career high in points, you’ve most likely done a search and found them at a data-aggregator site like RealGM, sorted through Basketball Reference, or came across a specific article about that player’s career night. After doing this two or three times, we found that it was ridiculous — in this age of internet and data — that there wasn’t one list of NBA player career high in points we could […]

Get your printable NBA Playoff bracket for 2016-17 season

2017/04/10 9:14 am

The NBA playoffs are almost here. If you want to get your 2017 NBA Playoff bracket, we have you covered. Please feel free to share, repost, and print the bracket as you want. Fans are excited for this NBA postseason. Besides the usual contenders in the Cavs and Warriors being highly seeded, fans are wondering if we will see the Celtics or Wizards finally break through the Eastern Conference. With John Wall and isaiah Thomas leading the charge, their prospects haven’t […]

Damian Lillard sets Blazer team record for points, beats Roy, Drexler, Walton and Stoudamire

2017/04/09 9:00 am

Last night Damian Lillard poured in a Portland Trailblazers’ franchise record 59 points in one single game in a win over the Utah Jazz. Lillard’s previous high was 51 points. . Considering the big names that have come through the Portland franchise, it’s a huge feat; Lillard outscored legends by a significant amount; including Clyde Drexler (50), Maurice Lucas (47) and Bill Walton (36) as well as Brandon Roy (52) and LaMarcus Aldridge (44). Here’s a list of notable Blazers and their career-highs for the franchise: […]

Joe Johnson scores 20,000th point; joins 41 NBA legends

2017/04/08 8:38 pm

Joe Johnson has always been able to fill it up. For the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and off the bench for the Utah Jazz, “Iso Joe” as some call him, can fill it up. Against the Portland Trailblazers, Johnson further cemented his reputation as a scoring the seven points to get to 20,000 points in his NBA career. Johnson finished with 13 points in a loss to Portland. It took Joe Johnson 1219 career games at the age of 33 years […]

Can Pau Gasol and Joe Johnson hit 20,000 point before the season’s over?

2017/04/04 6:47 pm

Both Joe Johnson and Pau Gasol are nearing 20,000 point with just a few games left in the regular season. Specifically Johnson has 5 games left and 42 points until the 20,000 point mark while Gasol has 6 games left and 55 points to hit 20K career points. Can the two former stars ht that plateau before the 2016-17 season ends? If they can, they’ll be the 42nd and 43rd players to have ever scored 20,00 points in their NBA […]

Last Night: Westbrook, Green, LeBron get triple doubles, 6 other NBA players come close

2017/04/03 8:37 am

In last night’s calendar of games, three familiar names scored triple doubles while 5 others came very close. 2016-17 leaders in triple doubles LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Draymond Green each added another to their season total after last night’s games. LeBron led his Cavs in a 135-130 double overtime win over the Indiana Pacers with 41 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists. It was a duel with Paul George that was reminiscent of 2013. George had 43 points, 9 rebounds, […]

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