November 27, 2014

United Arab Emirates

<font color=darkred>Follow: 2011 Jones Cup Basketball Tournament</font> 2011/08/12 11:17 am

Follow: 2011 Jones Cup Basketball Tournament

The 2011 William Jones Cup tournament is a basketball tournament held in Asia every year. Discuss the 2011 William Jones Cup in our forum. This year’s cup is being hosted in Taiwan from August 06-14th.  This is the 33rd annual tournament and is taking place at Hsinchuang Stadium in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Teams participating in this year’s tournament are Korea, The Philippines, Chinese...

<font color=red>Should there be a FIBA Middle East?</font> 2009/08/26 4:37 pm

Should there be a FIBA Middle East?

With the recent successes of Iran, Jordan, and Lebanon, should FIBA create Middle East region? That’s currently what is being proposed in our forum (discuss). The proposal is to move four current European basketball nations, Israel, Turkey, Azerbijan, and Armenia, out from FIBA Europe and combine them with the three current Asian subregions – West Asia, the Gulf, and Middle-Asia. FIBA...

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