November 25, 2015

Basketball Racism

Jeremy Lin faced discrimination as an Asian-American basketball player 2012/02/28 9:44 am

Jeremy Lin faced discrimination as an Asian-American basketball player

  Four year agos, we posted a piece on Jeremy Lin and the discrimination that Asian-Americans  basketball players face on the court and off: Lin has to deal with ignorance and insensitive comments normally reserved for a different era: “I hear everything: ‘Go back to China. Orchestra is on the other side of campus. Open up your eyes,’ ” Lin said. “They’re yelling at me before,...

<font color=#661177>Israeli NBA player’s mural defaced with Swastikas</font> 2010/09/20 2:51 pm

Israeli NBA player’s mural defaced with Swastikas

Omri Casspi, the first Israeli player to ever play in the NBA has had a successful NBA career thus far, so much so that the 22-year old has had a mural painted in his honor in Sacramento. Discuss Israeli Basketball in our Israeli basketball forum. However, the 6-9 forward’s mural has recently been defaced with swastikas, not once, but twice. From the AP: Police say after a swastika was found...

Former hoops star recalls Adolph Rupp’s racism 2009/09/28 9:59 am

Former hoops star recalls Adolph Rupp’s racism

A New York Times article recently ran chronicling Tim Bassett’s experience as a former NCAA star, ABA and NBA player in the 1960s and 1970s. adUnit = document.getElementById("google-ads-yFsv"); google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8421471505158240"; adUnit = document.getElementById("google-ads-yFsv"); adWidth = adUnit.offsetWidth; if ( adWidth >= 999999 ) { /* GETTING THE FIRST IF OUT OF THE WAY */...

<font color=#555555><strong>Asian-American Basketball Players struggle with Discrimination</strong></font> 2008/12/21 3:21 pm

Asian-American Basketball Players struggle with Discrimination

The San Francisco Chronicle featured a great article on Asian-American basketball players and how negative perceptions of their athletic ability,  racial stereotypes, and ignorant fan comments have affected them at every level of the game. The piece features quotes from past players like Rex Walters and current players like  Jeremy Lin, a star Asian-American player from Palo Alto, California who...

Spanish National Team in Controversial, Racist Advertisement? 2008/08/11 4:44 pm

Spanish National Team in Controversial, Racist Advertisement?

The Spanish National Team posed for a controversial pre-Olympic games advertisement in which the 15-member team each used a gesture popular for making fun of Asian people.  From Pau Gasol to Ricky Rubio, each member of the team used their index fingers to pull up the corners of their eyes, mimicking the eyes of an Asian person, or in this case, a Chinese person. The advertisement was backed by a...

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