November 26, 2014

Ref Tries to Block Kris Humphries’ Free Throw (VIDEO)

2012/12/13 1:12 am 300 0 comments

The scene we saw Monday, of a Raptors player fighting with a referee over a ball during free throw attempts, was pretty cringe worthy in comparison to the humorous scene involving a ref and free throw attempts that played out during a Nets-Raptors game on Wednesday night.

As you can see from the video, NBA official Courtney Kirkland hilariously tried to block Kris Humphries’ free throw during the fourth quarter of the game. Kirkland was trying to let substitutions enter the game before Humphries’ attempt and apparently thought the best way to do so was spring into action, rather than just tell him not to shoot the ball.

Humphries ended up making both free throws, finishing with 11 points in the Nets’ 94-88 win. However, he has to feel a little dismayed over the fact that everybody seems to want to reject him. First Kim Kardashian and now Courtney Kirkland.


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