May 29, 2016

Video: Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) elbows James Harden

2012/04/22 1:51 pm 12182 2 comments




Disgusting video of Metta “World Peace” winding up and elbowing James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder after a fast break dunk.

Artest tries to convince the referees that he unintentionally elbowed Harden as he was celebrating his slam, but replays show that he intentionally wound up his elbow and wailed Harden on the side of his head.

World Peace was ultimately ejected from the game and will likely be suspended. Walking into halftime, Kevin Durant called the play “unfortunate” and “not a basketball play.”

It’s terrible. I don’t know how “World Peace” ever got back into the league. Clearly, he still doesn’t get it, and should be suspended the rest of the season + playoffs.

“What a disgrace.”



  • sad for ron who has come so far. just goes to show that mental illness and anger management aren’t things that can be drugged away. it’s a constant struggle.

  • Laker Fan

    Artest should be suspended…he elbowed him on purpose, BUT Why did Hardin get in his way and try to stop him from running down court? Hardin was on offense…Not smart on Hardin’s part…he paid the price.

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