October 19, 2017

Jeremy Lin hits cover of SLAM Magazine

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It was bound to happen. After Jeremy Lin graced the cover of TIME and Sports Illustrated (twice). Now, the holy grail of basketball respect – the cover of SLAM Magazine.

Lin is featured on the alternate cover – the other featuring Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio.

Here’s what SLAM had to say about their decision to put Lin on the cover, “…he earned himself a SLAM cover pretty much entirely because of how he played in his first seven NBA starts. On the surface, this is insane; generally speaking, SLAM covers are highly coveted and hard as hell to get, the domain of superstars who tend to be really greedy about sharing that space. How does anyone “earn” a cover on the strength of seven games?”

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  • Lin is not the first Asian American to play in the National Basketball Association. Raymond Townsend, who’s of Filipino descent, was a first-round choice of the Golden State Warriors in the 1970s.

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