October 17, 2017

Pic: Ginobili asks his Facebook fans about his face mask

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Manu Ginobili posted an image of himself via his Facebook page, in what may be his face mask for the rest of the 2010 NBA playoffs.

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The shooting star guard from Argentina asked his fans (in Spanish and English) what they thought of his black face mask: “Qué opinan? Juego con esta mascarita el próximo partido?? je je. La rompe, eh! Si no me animo, la guardo para Halloween 2011… / Do u think I should play w/this mask next game? Sweet, isn’t it? If I don’t, I’ll wear it for Halloween 2011!”

Ginobili was elbowed by Dirk Nowitzki in game three of the Spurs’ first round series with Texas rivals the Dallas Mavericks. The elbow caused a fracture in Ginobili’s nose and his right eye to blacken from the impact. Ginobili would return to the game and score 11 of his 15 points in the fourth; the seventh-seeded San Antonio would go on to eliminate the #2 seed Mavs in six games.


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