October 17, 2017

Galatasaray in Turkish Basketball League scandal

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Cemal Nalga is in the center of a huge scandal after he wore another player's jersey to avoid serving a suspensionThere’s a huge scandal going down in the Turkish Basketball League involving Galatasaray Café Crown, a Turkish club based in Istanbul.

The story is filled with violence, suspensions, lies, brazen cheating involving multiple identities, and coaching staff being fired

(discuss the TBL scandal in our forum)

Galatasaray player Cemal Nalga (pictured left) is the central player in this huge scandal.

Nalga wore another player’s jersey to participate illegally in games when he should have been serving out a suspension handed down by the Turkish Basketball Federation.

It began with a Suspension
The story begins with Cemal Nalga, a 6-11, 22-year old player for Galatasaray, was banned for five matches this summer, for striking an opponent during a friendly game against Cibona Zagreb.

Matched up against Galatasaray in their first regular season game, opponent Oyak Renault, another Turkish club, complained that Nalga had played in their match despite not serving out his five-game suspension.

After Renault’s objection, Galatasaray ensured that Cemal had completed his suspension by not participating in five friendly games (against Erdemir, Deutsche Bank Skyliners, Ludwigsburg, İstanbul BSB and Yesilyurt).

Galatasaray also said that Nalga had played in three Turkish Cup games before the start of regular season without problem.

The Federation reviewed the complaint, accepted Galatasaray’s explanation and declared Renault’s protest invalid.

After the Federation’s decision, game photos and videos revealed and confirmed that Cemal Nalga had actually played against Skyliners and Ludwigsburg by wearing Tufan Ersöz’s jersey, another Galatasaray player.

Nalga normally wears the No. 15 jersey, but wore Ersöz’s No. 7 jersey in those matches (See the incriminating photo and boxscore in our forum). And with the switched jerseys, Nalga appeared in the boxscores as “Tufan Ersöz” even though Galatasaray had declared that he didn’t play at those games.

In an urgent meeting yesterday evening, Galatasaray’s Board of Directors announced that all of the team’s technical staff were fired.

Now the Turkish Basketball Federation must decide how to go forward with this embarrassing black-eye for the league which will definitely include a ban for Nalga, and likely a indefinite suspension for Galatasaray.

For more about this scandal, go to SalsaBasket, who broke the story. Also check out our forum for the incriminating photos that launched the scandal involving Galatasaray of the TBL.


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