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Watch USA vs. Spain Olympic Basketball game & follow along in our forum

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** This is the pool play game post between USA and Spain, looking for the Gold Medal Game?  Click here. ***

Looking to watch USA vs. Spain Olympic Basketball game?   Or if you’re just waking up, looking for the USA-Spain replay?  Look no further, if you are in the USA, click here for the entire day’s schedule.  If you live outside the USA, click here.

The fourth day of Olympic Basketball starts August 16th local Beijing time. You can watch the games live online, find out which official sites is streaming the USA-Spain game here.  You can find a Olympic basketball day four schedule below, with a link to our forum which provides a message board, preview, prediction and play by play action with fans from around the globe.

August 16, 2008 Game times
09:00 : Angola vs. Greece >> Comment Online >> (Watch Replay)
11:15 : Russia vs. Australia >> Comment Online >> (Watch Replay)
14:30 : Croatia vs. Lithuania >> Comment Online >> (Watch Replay)
16:45 : Argentina vs. Iran >> Discuss Online >> (Watch Replay)
20:00 : Germany vs. China >> Discuss Online >> (Watch Replay)
22:15 : Spain vs. USA >> Discuss Online >> (Watch Replay)

In Group A, the most significant games are Russia vs. Australia and Croatia taking on Lithuania.  In the second game of the day, we have the Russians (1-2) and Aussies (1-2) each with only one win, and the only two teams with this record in Group A.  This game could play critical in deciding which team will advance to the next round.

In the third game of day four, Croatia (2-1) takes on Lithuania (3-0).  Lithuania has a chance to solidify first place in group A with a win, and with a Croatia win, they’ll likely cause a three way tie for first by giving Lithuania their first loss, and with the likely outcome of Argentina (2-1) defeating Iran.

The last two games of the day are the two biggest of the day. Germany vs. China in game five and Spain vs. USA in the last game of day four.  With China (1-2) and Germany (1-2) each defeating Angola for their sole win in the tournament, this will be a key game for both in moving on to the quarterfinals.  Germany’s remaning game comes against the US, China’s comes vs. Greece.

The final game of the day is Spain versus USA, which pits the undisputed two favorites against each other.  The Redeem Team has been rolling through the Olympics, while the Spanish are unbeaten, they’ve had their share of bumps in the road (being down 15 to China, controversial advertisement).  Still, this promises to be a great game that features 19 former and current NBA players.

The key will be how effective and focused the USA comes out on defense.  The Americans will find it much harder to fluster the likes of Jose Calderon, Raul Lopez, and Juan Carlos Navarro, and the Spanish will find that the USA recovers a lot quicker on defense when and if they’re not gambling for steals.   If the US starts reverts to playing the passing lanes, it could spell trouble as the Americans won’t find a better-prepared backcourt in the OIympics.  This one is the one to watch.

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