October 19, 2017

Iverson in shootout with Polish Player during Eurobasket

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According to Sports.pl, on September 19th, the day before EuroBasket’s final games, NBA superstar Allen Iverson will be in Poland to participate in a three-point contest.

As of this writing, Iverson still doesn’t have an NBA team, but is reported to be in last-minute conversations with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Whatever his destination, Iverson is scheduled to fly out to Katowice to have a three-point contest against 5-11 Polish guard and six-time PLK three-point champion Andrzej Plutą.

The shootout is sponsored by Reebok, Iverson’s shoe company, and will occur the same day as the Under-18 European All-Star Game and the Eurobasket semi-finals.


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