October 18, 2017

Video: Basketball Brawl between Mexico and Uruguay

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Here we go again.

In another boxing match, a basketball game broke out between Mexico and Uruguay Saturday night when both teams competed in a preparation game for the 2009 FIBA Americas tournament.

(Discuss the Mexico-Uruguay fight in our forum)

Tensions came to a head when Mexico’s star player Romel Beck got into the face of Uruguayan guard Emilio Taboada after a foul call.

From there, it was mayhem as players faced off, not knowing where to turn, they punched, grabbed, and kicked at each other, throwing chairs and anything else they could get their hands on.

Eventually the Uruguayan players sought refuge in their locker room as many of the Mexican players followed looking to continue the fight.

The game was called after the tussle. Mexico was up at that point 68-60 with 46 seconds remaining in the third period.

This is the third all-out brawl in the last month. In late July Iran and Jordan went at it during the Jone Cup. The Jordanians forfeited the game that eventually cost them the tournament title.

Then in early August, Canada and Italy brawled in a preparation game during a four-nations tournament.

Mexico and Uruguay are both in Group A during the Tournament of the Americas, and are set to play again in the final game of the qualifying round Sunday, August 30th, 2009.  The tournament starts Wednesday.



  • lolbiscuits

    “In another boxing match, a basketball game broke out between Mexico and Uruguay”


  • eddie jones

    I love how they have the sportscenter baskeball music in the background

  • que verguenza !!! esa sangre caliente deberiamos ponerla en la duela para anotar y defender sin caer en la verguenza. Q’ desgracia para el deporte rafaga.

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