October 21, 2017

Ricky Rubio’s secret workout with the Kings

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Ricky Rubio at the Sacramento Airport, after his workout with the KingsRicky Rubio had a quick, clandestine one-hour workout in front of the Sacramento Kings today, and the word is that both parties left a little underwhelmed from the whole experience.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Rubio  had a less-than-stellar performance in front of Kings General Manager Geoff Petrie and head coach Paul Westphal.

Even Rubio, who hadn’t touched a basketball in nearly a month, wasn’t exactly geeked with his workout.

At the Sacramento airport, Rubio told reporters that the NBA workouts are a biased against his skill set:

“It’s difficult to show them what I have to do on the court, because there are no teammates and nobody there,” said Rubio after his workout. “I can’t show them what I do on the court. This workout is not my style. I need my teammates around me to play basketball. I was alone.”

Rubio has a point.  Ricky’s strengths aren’t his jumping ability and his speed, but his IQ and natural court-sense of both offense and defense.  Even though we all know what Ricky’s strengths are, we expect more and more.

Rubio’s representatives requested that the workout be behind closed doors, and it was a good call.  Given the hype and expectations, anything less than Rubio dunking with his feet and throwing behind-the-back passes straight into the hoop, I don’t know how the workout could have been anything more than just normal.

The way the 18-year old has been put on a pedastel in the last few years, I don’ think it’s possible to have impressed anyone.  Still it’s unlikely he’ll go anywhere past the first four picks, and the only reason he may go past the second selection is because Rubio reportedly told his agent that he wouldnt’ play for Memphis or Oklahoma.  The two teams with the second and third picks in the draft.

The Sacramento Kings are slated to select fourth in Thursday’s NBA draft.

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