October 23, 2017

Who is Todd Leebow – the ejected Cavs fan that was arguing with the Golden State bench?

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todd leebow cleveland cav fan ejected

When you pay for your seat at an NBA game, you’re allowed a certain amount of leeway to engage with the players. Hopefully, your intent is mostly positive stuff like hoping for a high-five or having them fall into your lap.

However, with some fans, they feel like they deserve more. And like our society, the more money you spend, the more entitled one can behave. Right?

That happened last night when a Cleveland fan was ejected from his seat for instigating the Warriors bench with his mouth. Don’t worry though, he was rich enough that he wasn’t thrown out like “regular folk” but instead was “relocated” to another area of Quicken Loans Arena. Presumably for rich douchebags that spend a lot of money.

So who was that fan that got into it with Golden State players?  Turns out that entitled fan was Todd Leebow. A regular sight at Cleveland home games, Leebow felt his courtside seat gave him enough cachet to say whatever he pleases.

Leebow’s removal happened in last night’s ultra-physical NBA Finals game four after an on-court scrum occurred between Zaza Pachulia and Iman Shumpert. As the officials looked at replays to determined the proper course of action, Leebow began running his mouth in the direction of the visiting team. It’s not clear at whom Leebow was speaking to, but what is clear is that Matt Barnes took offense.

Barnes had to be held back by his teammates. Considering what David West said to ESPN after the game, the Warriors definitely had Barnes’ back, holding him so he wouldn’t crush Leebow:

“That s— was just too close,” Warriors forward David West said after the game. “I thought he was jaw-jacking with Zaza, and it was fake, man. That little m—–f—– ain’t [gonna] do nothing in real life. So I just told him to shut up and sit down, because he was talking too crazy. And it was a highly tense moment, but we ain’t going to let nobody talk crazy to us.”

Love that David West realness.

image from Sothebys.com

So, Who is Todd Leebow?

Well let’s start out with how Todd got his seat; Leebow is his father’s son — in that he’s currently the CEO and President of a steel company that his dad Dennis started in 1979. So, his entitlement is thanks to poppa’s hard work. From Sotheby’s blog:

(Todd Lebow is) part of a fourth-generation steel family and the CEO and President of Majestic Steel, the company his father founded in 1979

From a press release in 2007 that announced the Leebow to Leebow transfer of power:

Dennis Leebow, founder of Majestic Steel USA, began to transition the responsibility of day-to-day operations to the next generation. During his time at Majestic Steel USA, Todd has worked in many areas throughout the company, focusing primarily in purchasing and procurement. Over the past several years, Todd’s role within the company has expanded across additional functional areas. Today, as President, Todd will lead strategic development of corporate initiatives and day-to-day operations across all functional areas.

I’m sure his responsibilities expanded because he was fully qualified! Todd’s brother Jonathan also worked for Majestic Steel.

According to ESPN, Todd “frequently sits in courtside seats next to James’ friends and business partners. For Game 4, he was sitting with James’ agent, Rich Paul, and business partner Maverick Carter.”

And it turns out, as The Big Lead noticed last year via Instagram, daddy Leebow is a Cleveland Cavs super fan too.

Just how close is superfan Toddd Leebow to LeBron? Well close enough that LeBron attended Leebow’s wedding to Shelly Sheldon a few years ago. Tristan Thompson also attended the wedding. I can understand why Leebow feels like he’s the Cavaliers’ 12th man.

The Line Between a Super Fan and a Major Douchebag

Listen, there’s a line you don’t cross. The vast majority of us know not to be jerkholes. I even think that Leebow knew it, but maybe because of his continued entitlement, that line is blurred. Barnes has been around so I’m sure he hears something every game, so whatever came out of his mouth, we’re certain, crossed that line.

No matter what side you’re on in the NBA Finals match up, I think we’d all love to see these courtside fans that go overboard or floor seat douchebags running their mouths in a cage match with the NBA players they’re targeting their vitriol at.

Leebow vs. Pachulia, anyone?

How about Leebow vs. Matt Barnes.

Leebow vs. David West?

That would be fun.

Fans like Leebow may think they’re tough, but they know full well they’re protected and have much more to gain from an altercation. NBA players are not going to jeopardize their career and money over some stranger that paid money (or that nepotism paid for) to watch them compete. Not to mention the arena security (and teammates) are going to hold them back and the possibility of a lawsuit..

The dust up happened at 1:10 left in the quarter. Pachulia and Shumpert were called for technical fouls.

“You can support your team, you can yell, but honestly he was just totally disrespectful,” Pachulia said.



  • It is evident the “journalist” does not personally know Todd Leebow based on the basic “google search” info cited in this article. I agree, lines were crossed including the one inferring Todd is entitled and undeserving of not only his title but also his floor seat tix. Frankly, you sound like a jealous jerkhole.

  • Millennial fuck. I should not have given him my tickets.

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