October 23, 2017

These are Larry Bird’s career high in points, assists, and rebounds

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You’ve heard it all before: Larry Bird wasn’t the tallest, the biggest, the fastest, the strongest nor the most athletic player — in any era. Yet despite these so-called shortcomings, he went down in NBA history one of the best.


Bird was one of the best shooters ever, he was one of the best passing forwards, one of the smartest players ever, most competitive and one of the top players in the clutch. Along with LeBron James and a couple others, Bird is in the conversation as the best small forward in all of basketball. You won’t find many people that won’t call him the greatest Boston Celtic in franchise history. No matter whether you loved or hated him, Larry Bird was one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Larry Legend

Larry Bird was a great player, and his career was defined by the Celtics vs. Lakers rivalry during the 1980’s. It was a decade where one or both teams played in the finals each year. And during that time, either the Celtics or Lakers won 8 of 10 NBA Championships in that decade.

Larry Bird’s rivalry with Magic Johnson dated back to their college days. It pushed them to greater heights in the NBA. They say a great player needs another to bring out the best in them. Larry did that for Magic. Magic did that for Larry.

Photo: Celtics Life

Bird was one for the greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen. His stroke was almost automatic. He won the NBA’s three point shoot out from 1986-1988. I’m pretty sure you remember him in 1988 pointing his index finger as if to call the shot even before it went in. That was legendary and that was how good Larry Bird was. He wasn’t just a three point specialist.

Bird ended his legendary career with averages of 24.3 points, 10.0 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.7 steals per game. He was a three-time NBA champion, three-time MVP and two-time Finals MVP. He led the Celtics to the playoffs in all but one of his 13 incredible NBA seasons. An all-time leader in triple doubles in playoffs and regular season. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Larry’s  Career High in Points: His 60 Point Night

On March 12, 1985, Larry Bird recorded his career high in points. Bird and Dominique Wilkins had their share of individual duels that we’ll always remember. But this night was extra special. Larry Bird scored 60 points on the Atlanta Hawks in a 126-115 victory for the Celtics.

Bird had an excellent start but it didn’t appear like he was going to break Kevin McHale‘s record (and career high) of 56 points set just nine days earlier.

Larry scored 12 in the first period and finished the first half with 23 points. And then he got going. Bird scored 19 points in the third, including 11 in the quarter’s final 3 minutes and 10 seconds. He wasn’t done. Bird started the final period on the bench and re-entered the game with 8:41 left to play. He would add 18 more points to his tally and 18 points were the last 18 points scored by the Boston Celtics. What made it more impressive was the fact that Bird made just one three pointer that night, meaning he really made a lot of baskets.

Dominique Wilkins finished with 36 points in the game, but the night belonged to Larry legend.

“Me and Larry, we had some great battles. Legendary. Legendary. He had the heart of a lion. He was a brilliant basketball player, in every aspect of the word. I could not have more respect for him.”  Said Wilkins.

Legendary indeed. Larry Legend. Here are Bird’s other statistical career highs.

Larry Bird’s Career Highs

Larry Bird's NBA Career Highs
Category Career High Date Opponent
Points 60 03/12/85 Hawks
Rebounds 20 (3x) last 11/11/87 Pacers
Assists 17  02/16/84 Warriors
Steals 8 (2x)  last 01/03/86 Nets
Blocks 5 (3x) last 11/14/90 Hornets
Offensive Rebounds 8 04/08/86 Bucks
Defensive Rebounds 20 (2x) last 04/13/84 Pistons
Field Goals Made 22 (2x) last 04/12/87 Knicks
Field Goals Attempts 36 (2x) last 03/31/91 Bulls
Triple Doubles 10  1985-86 season
3 Pointers Made 7 (2x) last 03/04/91 Pacers
3 Point Attempts 10 03/04/91 Pacers
Free Throws Made 16 04/12/85 Bucks
Free Throw Attempts 17 (2x) last 04/12/85 Bucks
Turnovers 9 (3x) last 01/09/88 Knicks
FIC 43.50 02/13/80 Suns

Greatness Until The Very End

Photo: viral hoops.com

Bird set his career high of 36 field goal attempts in one of his more memorable games during his waning years. 1991 was the first of the Bulls’ dominant years and it was one Bird’s last. On March 31, 1991, Larry put on another display of greatness. He scored 9 points on 4-5 shooting in the second overtime as the Celtics beat the Bulls 135-132.

One year later, Bird set his career high of 54 minutes played against the Portland Trail Blazers. During that game, Larry Legend hit a one handed three pointer to send the game to overtime. Bird recorded his 59th and final triple double with 49 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists. The Celtics prevailed in double overtime 152-148. Many felt that it was Bird’s last great game in the NBA.

Individual Award and Honors

Photo: nbaarena.com

Larry Legend is more than just a cute nickname. It’s how Larry Bird’s career was played. From his college days to his very last NBA game, Larry Bird was legendary. These awards and achievements will attest to that:

  • 3× NBA champion (1981, 1984, 1986)
  • 2× NBA Finals MVP (1984, 1986)
  • 3× NBA Most Valuable Player (1984–1986)
  • 12× NBA All-Star (1980–1988, 1990–1992)
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP (1982)
  • 9× All-NBA First Team (1980–1988)
  • All-NBA Second Team (1990)
  • 3× NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1982–1984)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (1980)
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (1980)
  • 3× Three-point Shootout champion (1986–1988)
  • NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
  • Jersey #33 retired by Boston Celtics
  • John R. Wooden Award (1979)
  • Naismith College Player of the Year (1979)
  • AP National Player of the Year (1979)
  • Oscar Robertson Trophy (1979)
  • Adolph Rupp Trophy (1979)
  • NABC Player of the Year (1979)
  • 2× MVC Player of the Year (1978–1979)
  • 2× Consensus first team All-American (1978–1979)

As rival Magic Johnson said during Bird’s retirement party:

“Larry, you only told me one lie. You said there will be another Larry Bird. Larry, there will never, ever be another Larry Bird.”

With the resume that he has, we all agree. There will never be another Larry Bird.


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