October 17, 2017

Printable March Madness NCAA brackets for 2017 tournament

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No matter how much of a techie one might be, there is still nothing like keeping track of the wins and losses of March Madness on agood old fashioned sheet of paper. It’s kinda like reading a book and reading on a Kindle; there’s nothing that replaces the tactile satisfaction of filling out a printed bracket.

That’s why all the major sports sites like NCAA.com, ESPN, CBS Sports, SI, and Yahoo are still out there producing printable versions of the Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket. Pretty much, every big college basketball site out there has both a free printable bracket as well as a pre-filled one once the final brackets are released after the NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Broadcast.

Many fans love to fill out their bracketology philosophy before the announcements, while others simply like to fill out the brackets live when they are announced during the show. In order to help our fans find some of the better March Madness for 2017 brackets, we have included a number of the better ones found on the Web for you below as well as our 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament printable bracket.

When are the seeds determined for the 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket?

The final seeding for the 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket will be set during the CBS Selection Sunday Broadcast that is scheduled to take place on March 12th, 2017. The NCAA is changing things up a bit this year with announcing at several points throughout February and March where they currently hold teams when it comes to the top grunch of seeds. Unless something drastic occurs, we can probably look to seeing Villanova and Kansas as overall #1 seeds.

The classic Blue Bloods aren’t doing too bad this year either with North Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA, and Duke all seeing themselves consistently ranked in or near the AP Top 10 in the polls as well. Regardless, we should see some big winners and losers in the brackets once they are released.

Your Printable NCAA Tournament Brackets:

In order to help our fans find some of the best, printable NCAA Tournament brackets, we have compiled a listing of some of the better known sites that carry them for you below. When it comes down to it, a bracket is a bracket and everything else is just noise, but if you have the choice to pick out the details, why not?

That’s because the “best” can be pretty subjective, so we have leaned to listing ones from the “Big Dogs: ESPN, SI, CBS Sports, NCAA.com, Yahoo, and the Sported News. Their NCAA Tournament pages are linked throughout the post as a March Madness resource for fans who are looking to get a quality, free bracket. We’ve also have one posted in a previous post for you to compare.

Sports Illustrated Printable Brackets

Sports Illustrated is part of the Turner Sports Network. Although SI has not gotten as much traffic as some of the other major sports sites, but always has a decent, printable March Madness bracket for customers to use to follow the action. One of the major bummers is that they don’t post a bracket you can easily find (or at least it kicked my rear end) prior to March Madness getting started.

Yahoo Sports Printable Brackets

Yahoo has always been known for their season-long and more recent daily fantasy sports. Yahoo is known for their fantasy sports, so it’s also popular for college basketball. Of course, Yahoo Sports will also have their online 2017 NCAA Basketball Brackets.

Yahoo made a huge splash back in 2014 when they announced that would award $1 billion dollars to anyone that selected the perfect tourney bracket, and will also have some nice contests in store for fans this edition of March Madness.


Printable Brackets by CBS Sports

College basketball fans always love to print out the tournament bracket from the network who runs Selection Sunday and broadcasts a number of the games during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. CBS Sports also offers a free bracket manager for you to follow your own bracket challenge for the 2017 NCAA Tournament and will continue to be one of favorite sports sites to follow the action this season.

CBS Sports

ESPN’s Printable NCAA Brackets

As expected, the sports leader ESPN has their printable offerings ready to be printed out and filled out every year before its time to get your office pool going. At ESPN.com, you can get their free printable March Madness bracket in PDF, GIF, and you could also print out on-screen.

ESPN 2017

ESPN also has their ESPN’s 2017 Tournament Challenge which pits you against other bracket pickers from those who take the time to register for the game (which is free). If you have the best bracket, you have the chance to win some money via a gift card.

NCAA.com’s Tournament Bracket

No matter what other brackets you might find useful, going straight to the NCAA is never a bad idea. The NCAA will have the complete March Madness bracket for 2017 available once finalized. The NCAA will deliver the bracket in both online and PDF format for fans to download or view onscreen to enjoy. The NCAA started including the major tournament sponsors on their brackets a few years ago, but that’s not such a big price to pay for a quality, free bracket to help you follow the action in March Madness.


Printable Brackets for the Women’s Tournament 2017 

March Madness is predominantly associated with the men’s tournament and that’s not fair — there’s also a women’s college basketball tournament that features 64 teams in the main bracket. Did you know that the UConn Women’s team has won four consecutive NCAA championships and are going for their fifth this season?  In many respects, women’s basketball fans are even more fanatical about their teams.

So with their own tournament starting on Friday, March 17, 2017, Interbasket has put out two of our own brackets for the women’s NCAA tournament. Take a look at our blank March Madness bracket for women’s tournament as well as the printable-version of the bracket.



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