April 30, 2017

These are Michael Jordan’s career highs in NBA, playoffs and as a rookie

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Michael Jordan drives tongue bulls 23

Michael Jordan is one of the most prolific scorers in all of NBA history and is probably the best-known NBA player of all time — active or retired.

The media has highlighted many of Jordan’s career highs while playing in the NBA. Whether you are interested in MJ’s most points ever scored, most assists, or just his highest scoring achievements we have you covered. Many of today’s sports fans compare all of our super-stars against the greatness that Jordan achieved during his storied career. If you have any of his records that you think other fans would enjoy sharing, please include those in the comments section below.

Michael Jordan NBA Career Highs

Most Points Scored by Michael Jordan

From his spectacular rookie year to his championship years with the Bulls to his final years with the Wizards after coming out of retirement for a second time and now deep into retirement, MJ is the measure by which we take stock of all of our modern-day NBA players. Michael Jordan is without a doubt, the best-known modern NBA player of our age. The following numbers are some of the highlights of Jordan’s career highs including his highest scoring games during his NBA career.

Most Points Scored in Regular Season Game (69)

Michael Jordan is considered the G.O.A.T. for a multitude of reasons, but his supernatural ability to put the ball in the basket transcended the game and created several generations of hoopers trying to “be like Mike”.

The most points that Jordan ever scored in one NBA game was 69 points in an overtime game played against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 28, 1990. During this career game, Jordan was made 23 of 37 overall shots from the field and 21 of 23 free throws.

The final score of the game was 117-113 in favor of the Chicago Bulls, and MJ also had a regular season high of 18 rebounds during the game (one short of his career high).

Though this game was Jordan’s best output in the points columns, this is just the 8th highest scoring game in NBA history overall.

Most Points by Player in NBA Game
# Points Player Date Team Opponent Score
1 100 Wilt Chamberlain 2-Mar-62 Philadelphia Warriors New York Knicks 169–147
2 81 Kobe Bryant 22-Jan-06 Los Angeles Lakers Toronto Raptors 122–104
3 78 Wilt Chamberlain 8-Dec-61 Philadelphia Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 147–151
4 73 Wilt Chamberlain 13-Jan-62 Philadelphia Warriors Chicago Packers 135–117
4 73 Wilt Chamberlain 16-Nov-62 San Francisco Warriors New York Knicks 127–111
4 73 David Thompson 9-Apr-78 Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons 137–139
5 72 Wilt Chamberlain 3-Nov-62 San Francisco Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 115–127
6 71 Elgin Baylor 15-Nov-60 Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks 123–108
7 71 David Robinson 24-Apr-94 San Antonio Spurs Los Angeles Clippers 112–97
7 70 Wilt Chamberlain 10-Mar-63 San Francisco Warriors Syracuse Nationals 148–163
8 69 Michael Jordan 28-Mar-90 Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers 117–113
9 68 Wilt Chamberlain 16-Dec-67 Philadelphia 76ers Chicago Bulls 143–123
9 68 Pete Maravich 25-Feb-77 New Orleans Jazz New York Knicks 124–107
10 67 Wilt Chamberlain 9-Mar-61 Philadelphia Warriors New York Knicks 135–126
10 67 Wilt Chamberlain 17-Feb-62 Philadelphia Warriors St. Louis Hawks 121–128
10 67 Wilt Chamberlain 25-Feb-62 Philadelphia Warriors New York Knicks 135–149
10 67 Wilt Chamberlain 11-Jan-63 San Francisco Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 129–134

With one-hundred ridiculous points in one game, Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most points scored in a regular season match and we’ll probably will never see anyone come close. Despite Wilt’s gaudy numbers, it’s interesting to see how many of Wilt’s individual efforts ended up in his team on the losing side.

It’s also interesting to see that none of these single game outbursts are included in the top scoring games of all-time.

Michael Jordan Career Highs

Most Rebounds in a NBA Game (19) The most rebounds that Michael Jordan ever had in a NBA game was 19. He did this during the 1991 BNA playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. He also had 38 points during the contest in which the Bulls would go on to win 100-95. The most rebounds Jordan would have during a regular season game was 18 that he accomplished twice. The first time was on March 28, 1990 against the Cavs, and the second was on March 18, 1997 against the Supersonics when Jordan also scored 32 points.

Most Assists in a NBA Game (17) The most assists that Michael Jordan ever had in a game was 17. He accomplished in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers on March 25th, 1989. During the game, MJ also had 34 points which turned out to be a Bulls 128-113 wins.

Most Three Pointers in a Game (7) The three point shot was definitely not as emphasized during Jordan’s time as now; however, his high-water mark for three was seven during a game against Golden State on January 18th, 1990. He made seven of 12 overall attempts and scored 44 points during the Bulls 132-107 victory.

Most Steals in a NBA Game (10) The most steals that Jordan ever registered during a NBA game was 10. He did this on January 29th, 1988 against the New Jersey Nets. He also poured in 32 points during the game that turned out to be a Chicago victory, 120-93. Of note is that MJ did not even play during the fourth quarter of the game due to the score. The most steals in a NBA game ever is 11.

Most Blocks in a NBA Game (6) Jordan was an exceptional shot blocker at the guard position. In fact, Jordan averaged 1.6 blocks per game during the 1987-88 season (he also led the league in steals that season). The most blocked shots Michael Jordan ever recorded in a single game was six vs. the Seattle SuperSonics back on December 2, 1986.

Total Career Triple Doubles (28) During his career, Michael Jordan had a total of 28 triple-doubles during the regular season. He also had a triple-double during the 1997 NBA All-Star Game, and two during the NBA Playoffs.

What were Jordan’s highest averages? As far his highest career averages, for points, rebounds, steals, etc. here’s the highest per game averages that #23 recorded across his NBA career and the season he accomplished each:

Michael Jordan's Highest Per Game Averages
Stat Average NBA Season Lead NBA?
Points 37.1 1986-87 Yes
Rebounds 8.0 1988-89 No
Assists 8.0 1988-89 No
Steals 3.2 1987-88 Yes
Blocks 1.6 1987-88 No
Turnovers 2.0 1996-97 No
FG% 53.8% 1988-89 No
FT% 85.7% 1986-87 No
3FG% 37.6% 1989-90 No
Minutes 40.4 1987-88 Yes

source: basketballreference.com

michael jordan in all-star jersey

All-Star Game Scoring Records During his career, Michael Jordan scored a total of 262 points during the NBA All Star Game which was a long held record until it was broken by Kobe Bryant, and currently held by LeBron James.

He also had a total of 37 steals during his career in the All-Star game until it was broken by Kobe Bryant (38). MJ also held the record for a total of 27 field goal attempts in the 2003 All Star game that was later bested by Russell Westbrook (28).

Speaking of Westbrook, Jordan is one of three players to accomplish a triple-double in an All-Star game (James and Dwyane Wade).

Jordan was chosen as the NBA All-Star MVP  three times during his illustrious career (1988, 1996, and 1998). Bryant and Bob Petit hold the record with four NBA All-Star MVP trophies.

michael jordan rookie year

Rookie Year Scoring During Michael Jordan’s rookie year, he averaged 28.2ppg on 51.5% shooting. Jordan quickly became one of the fan favorites across the NBA during his rookie year as he was voted as an All-Star starter during the same year. During his second season, he would go on to score 63 points in a playoff game to set a still unbroken scoring record.

Interested in more career highs? Check out our post with the career high in points for 300 active and retired NBA players


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