November 22, 2017

Swedish basketball players in the NBA

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Jonas-Jerebko celtics gray jersey sweden

The NBA is an increasingly international game, with foreign playing styles commonly being adopted into game play. This is largely because players from all over the planet are finding their place in the best league in the world.


In fact, in total the NBA has over 100 players who were born overseas, the largest number ever in league history. And with the way things are going, this number is sure to increase, as a host of oversea players are prime prospects to joining NBA rosters in the next decade or so. Especially when you consider that more players from Sweden like Jonas Jerebko can be sponsored and promoted so that they are perceived on the same level as NBA level players.

Sweden isn’t exactly what one would call a basketball hotbed. In fact, Jonas Jerebko notes that it’s only the fifth or sixth most popular sport in the country, with soccer, skiing, hockey, floorball, and handball edging out ahead. Plus, the Swedish media doesn’t offer much coverage, this is why it’s important for Swedish players to get the sponsorship and promotion that will get them to NBA level gameplay.

As of now, Jerebko is joined by Swedish-born and troubled Charlotte Hornets wing Jeffery Taylor and he hopes that this will help people in Sweden how great the game of basketball really is. It’s safe to say that Jerebko’s dream will soon be realized, especially when you consider how well Jerebko has been playing recently.


This new level of gameplay and the influx of overseas players has made Jerebko optimistic about the future of basketball in his home country. While he won’t go as far as to say that his country is ready to compete on an Olympic level, Sweden’s respectable showing at the European Championships in the summer, where they beat out Russia is promising. Still, Jerebko notes that things will begin to change even more as more people become interested in the sport. And with the influx of younger players learning about the thrills of basketball gameplay, the future looks bright indeed of Swedish basketball pros in the NBA. It looks even better for those who are looking for free gameplay that allows them to win real cash.

What isn’t talked about much is the transition that international players, like Jonas Jerebko and Jeffery Taylor are faced with. The only thing that people pay attention is how well these foreign players perform on the court, but, in truth, the real challenges are dealt with in day to day life. They range from cultural differences to language barriers, trying to fit into a new environment, living alone in an alien country – it’s fairly easy to see how the learning curve exceeds far beyond the boundaries of basketball.

For Jonas Jerebko, this transition was easier than most– his father has from Buffalo New York. In other words, Jerebko already had firsthand experience. After all, he grew up speaking English and was able to easily adjust to American culture despite its differences from Sweden.

Jerebko notes that while the Swedes are more introverted and laid back, the open American lifestyle wasn’t hard to get used to.

When you add that Jerebko had already been moved once before as a professional basketball player (from Sweden to Italy), the shock was lessened even more. Still, there is one thing that has taken some getting used to – In Italy, the team takes care of everything, including food, apartments, cars, etc. But, in America, players are responsible for taking care of their needs.


On the other side there is much more sponsorships opportunities at the USA which is including sports companies, fashion companies and lately even online gaming international companies which a list of can be found at those online gaming companies sponsoring more and more sports stars and a Swedish player like Jerebko is a great opportunity to get more attention at the whole Scandinavian region and of course the Swedish market specifically


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