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Thanks to the fans, Manu still has a chance…

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For the first time in a loooooong time the fans’ choices for the NBA All-Star starters did not include 2-3 undeserving players. By and large, all the players were probable all-stars, made possible by Allen Iverson surpassing Tracy McGrady in the final weeks of voting. Sure, I don’t think Dwyane Wade is having the best of seasons and he is currently playing on the worst team in the NBA, but in the East… you’re really reaching to fill twelve spots.

On the other hand, in the West, the fact that McGrady lost out in the vote allows a more-deserving player to be injected into the mid-season showcase. With Iverson, Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, and Kobe Bryant as starters, and Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Paul, and Amare Stoudemire as certainties. We have three spots remaining for Manu Ginobili, Carlos Boozer, Shawn Marion, Brandon Roy, Deron Williams, Marcus Camby, Baron Davis, Josh Howard, and Tony Parker. Yikes man.

With all due respect to Marcus Camby, whom has had a fantastic season defensively and on the boards, the real contenders for the final three spots are Boozer, Baron, Manu, and Roy.  Denver already has two representatives and it’s unlikely the coaches will give them a third, especially with so many other teams without representation.

The roster needs another forward and Utah will need a representative, Carlos Boozer will be that guy. So really, it’s three guys for two spots. Everyone loves the Portland Trailblazers and their team-oriented unexpected play, Golden State is back to their exciting form with Baron leading the team. And Manu has been the man for San Antonio. Some games you can actually see Ginobili willing the Spurs to wins. My bet is that Brandon Roy will undeservedly be sitting home this season…. because from my experience, voters/ coaches tend to go with the veterans.

When the bench players are announced next week, one of these guys will have a legitimate gripe, but I want to thank the NBA fans this year for making the right decision. Their decision to include the more-deserving Iverson instead of McGrady made things a lot easier because I wouldn’t have wanted to make the above decision with Iverson added to the mix.


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