October 18, 2017

John Wall has perfected the ‘midair 360 layup’, has new signature move

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John Wall signature move 360 layup

John Wall is turning the layup version of the 360 degree dunk into his signature move.

When we talk Wall’s ‘360 degree layup’ we’re not referring to an everyday quick spin off the defender with the dribble, but a jumping into the air then spinning 360 degrees in midair. Watch John Wall’s signature move:

After seeing the video, Wall has successfully pulled it off no less than four times during a game. The move may have been instinctive at first, but Wall is now consciously deciding when and where it’s time for a midair 360. If the “midair 360 layup” isn’t already his move, it quickly will be associated with him.

Yes, the move a bit of overkill, but it’s fun to watch. There are a number of thing that makes the move impressive. The speed of the twisting while confusing defenders such as Matt Barnes, Jason Smith, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner (Barnes looks completely confused and lost). Then there’s somehow slowing his spin at the right time just enough to concentrate to hit the shot.

And then hitting the shot all in midair.


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